KJPs 08 TC 6 Speed build


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Helped my father in law strip down his frame for powder and drilled out all of the rivits and pulled the hoses from where it had already been assembled.

I also ordered powder for both frames and I am hoping it comes in this week.

My motor is back out and the new trans mount is tacked in.

I have a professional welder that is supposed to weld it up this week because my welding skills are pretty blah

I am excited to get it off to powder once the welding is complete.
Did you get the F40 all mounted into your Goblin? I am looking at doing the same (put in a F40) and curious how it turned out.

I am in Waynesville, Ohio....just North of you about 40 or so miles...wouldn’t mind checking out the install if you don’t mind.

Kevin, I am very interested in your installation of the F40 transmission and what modifications you had to perform to install it. Photos, measurements and your insight as a reply would be very appreciated. I am new to the DFG forum and am just starting to gather up parts - engine, transmission - before committing to purchasing a donor vehicle. I am leaning toward the F40 transmission, needing real world input, and your experience will be a great help to me. Thanks for any information that you can share beyond that already posted here in your build log.