Maintenance items for LNF?

I'm looking for what general maintenance things you all have replaced on your donor drivetrains. I've read a bunch about timing chains and tensioners, and wear items like the clutch. Is there anything else I should be replacing on the engine or transmission while I have it all apart? Also, does anyone know why kits like this or this come with new sprockets/adjusters?


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I don't think the LNFs have the timing chain/tensioner issues like the earlier models. I'm not sure how many miles you have on yours, but it might be a good idea to replace it anyways.


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The reason they come with gears is the chain and gears wear together. Replacing only one item will cause it to wear again prematurely by the other item. This is the same with dirt bike and ATVs that use chains. Most people only replace the chain and end up changing it often because they never change the gears (that have worn teeth) and that just causes the new chain to wear quickly. Change them as a set and they both last much longer.

The timing chain is a known wear item that will eventually give. When? That depends much on the maintenance and wear and tear on the engine. Mine was like new at 116K but it was good insurance to replace it now and not to have to worry about it. My son's ex-girlfriends Cobalt snapped at 180K but it was abused by the previous owner (ran low on oil and didn't change it). The engine was pretty much junk after that and I replaced it.

There were tension issues with the earlier model tensioners. They would get bind up and not keep tension on the chain. You can tell if you have a new or old style but looking at the large "bolt". If it is flat, it's the old style. If it has a cone-shape on top, it's the new style.


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I think he's thinking the stock SC heat exchanger/intercooler water pump. I believe those pumps are crap to begin with, and don't last very long.