New guy here.

Hello to all.

I just registered to the forum and wanted to pop in and introduce myself. I'm currently in search of a donor. I'm undecided about the street or track frame as well as extended frame. I'm 6'2" any recommendations?


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I am 5'11" but got extended because
1. I am using the stock seats and sliders (for now) and they are a comfy 4" thick,
2. It will leave more room for long legged people to drive my Goblin
3. I think it will help with weight balance, as the occupant's weight will be further forward, and
4. If I do put in race seats, I could have some room behind the seats.
I definitely like the looks and open cockpit of the street frame but like the idea of the track frame to mount a roof rack for a weekend getaway.


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Extended. Of course that's easy for us to say, that's what we have. I've said it before, you never hear anyone ever complain that they have too much room.

Welcome to the forum!


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Yep, extended. I'm only 5'7" but got the extended track. Obviously, I don't need the room for my stature, but I agree with Chad, the added room gives you options you wouldn't have with the non-extended. I went for the track version for safety and possible sunshade roof for long days on the road.