Passenger Grab Handle

Noticed a grab handle similar to SXS passenger grab handles on earlier frame goblins, is this something people just didn't want or use so they stopped incorporating them?

Anyone have it and notice their passengers don't use them?

Trying to decide if I throw on on or not. On the rzr's its almost mandatory, but that's more because I'm afraid of hands/arms outside the cage in the event of a roll.

Thanks for any input.


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No real need for them. Hopefully you aren't driving all the time whereas the passenger needs to hold on that tight. I can see the need for them in the SxS running over bumpy terrain and like you said a roll over. I've ridden as a passenger in our car for hours and it's just as comfortable to just sit there like car passenger. Hell, I almost fell asleep. I know Lonny's wife did!


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The first generation of the frames had them. When I requested it not be included on my frame Adam mentioned that most people asked it be removed so they no longer installed them. A good seat and harness is all you need.