People recognizing the Goblin

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DanPerryy, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. DanPerryy

    DanPerryy Well-Known Member

    At the grocery store tonight someone came up to me and said "I know what that is, it is a Goblin". I was shocked. He then went on to say he follows this vetinaryian on you tube and he has a Goblin.
  2. JSATX

    JSATX Well-Known Member

    So far only two people (out of hundreds) I've spoken to have known exactly what it is. And both were after his videos. I guess it was a good marketing move haha.
  3. k.rollin

    k.rollin Member

    I just watched his video about visiting the shop for a larger turbo and saw a couple track frames in the works. I don't know when the footage was shot, but I low-key wonder if one of them was mine.
  4. PMF1

    PMF1 Member

    I found out about the Goblin after seeing it on Matt's Off the Ranch channel a few weeks ago. I wonder which turbo he is upgrading to? ZZP's ZFR?
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  5. PHerder

    PHerder Well-Known Member

    My question is how soon after getting the larger turbo will he need the engine rebuilt since he blew it up! :eek:
  6. Andy

    Andy Member

    I watch his channel too. I bought the car a few weeks before I saw his post on the car. I am hoping one of those frames in the jigs is mine but not sure. Itching to get my frame to start assembly soon. I was talking to some co-workers around and they have heard about the goblin so word is getting out. After talking with my boss he wanted to build one too, should get some commission on that sale. Once I get mine done i am talking him out for a ride and I am guessing he will be hooked.
  7. Johvans

    Johvans Well-Known Member

    ZZP Z54, he wants ~350 whp. Should be totally doable with little chance of engine issues once tuned properly.

  8. PMF1

    PMF1 Member

    The Z54 seems like a pretty good option. It's ~$700 cheaper and still a bolt on replacement. I just started reading up on different turbos and it sounds like the EFR (not sure why I typed ZRP instead of ZFR) from Borg Warner is the turbo everyone is raving about. The EFR seems like it'll produce 350 - 400 WHP on 93 octane pump gas, and retain the stock spool rates of the K04. Perhaps the Z54 turbo does just as well.

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