Powering up the car with a new untested harness

Discussion in 'Assembly discussion' started by DanPerryy, Dec 12, 2016.

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    When I finally came time for me to fire up my car I was worried that I may have made a mistake and installed a short somewhere that would smoke one of my wires in a harness somewhere when I hooked it up to a battery. I have made light bulbs out of lots of things in the past. As a matter of fact I don't understand why Edison had such a hard time. You can make a light bulb out of anything if you apply enough voltage. I saw a vulture turn into a light bulb a few months ago.

    What I did to power up the car was to leave the battery circuit unconnected and then when everything was hooked up except one side of the battery I took a small 22 gauge wire and used it to complete the circuit - with the key off. That wire would become the light bulb if I had installed a short somewhere. Once I saw that It was good, I installed the battery and then turned it on. Wham, after purging the air in the fuel rail it was running!!!
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    Smart move!
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    Super smart I will do this when I get to that stage. Thanks for the tip.

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