Purchasing a 2008 ss turbo advice.

Hi guys, I’m new to the site and thanks for letting be apart of the goblin community. Right now I’m in the looking for a donor car stage for my kit car. I’v read a lot of forum post and very excited to start my own goblin! I coming to you guys for advice on this 08 ss turbo I have on the line. It has 111k with a running engine and suppose good working transmission. I haven’t seen it in person yet cause it’s two hours away. From the pictures it shows minor minor bumper damage and they say it needs a new radiator.but other thank that everything works. I’m planning on going to see it this weekend. There asking $2900 and maybe I can get it for a tad less. My question is, is that a decent price for the car? I only been looking for about two weeks now and it seems good to me, but I wanna hear from you guys. I’v done my research on buying a salvage car but it just seems more simple just purchasing from around your area. Thanks guys!


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That seems pretty fair considering all things. They're not too easy find but you can get lucky. It's up to you if you're willing to wait or need it now. If you wait and get one from an insurance auction it might have more extensive damage than is shown and you'll need to buy parts. At least if you get this one you know it drives and has everything you need. I bought my 09 tc from iaai and after fees I think it was around 2800 and it was sideswiped with 68k. Luckily there was no other damage and the engine was perfect but it could have easily gone the other way. Overall it's up to you and how nice the car is and if you want to try to find another one.


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I agree with Lethalcast, I haven't seen a lot of TC's for sale lately. Hopefully it has some other goodies you can sell once its in your possession. Buying it in your area is nice, being able to see it etc is nice including hearing it run. I've purchased 2 cobalts, an TC and an SC car. Both of them from Copart. Fee's add up but I've gotten some pretty nice deals so far. Both of them were local so I went to see them before I bought them.


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Your not getting taken with that price. That seems reasonable. I paid about the same for a 2007 SS/SC from Copart but we were in need of a car and it was the only thing available at the time.


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I paid $2,300 for an 08 SS, with 76k that was not local and needs a rebuild(bad valve) or a new engine. I am going the new engine route. Otherwise it was perfect and I was able to recoup around $1500 so far in parts. Your price is fair!


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You can also check the rpo codes to see if it has the g85 option. Its under the trunk carpet on the drivers side.
If you want to know before going take the VIN and call the dealer. But if you can get them to confirm before that would be great. With this kind of power you will want an LSD.
Thank you very much guys for all your advice! I will check into what kind of transmission is has. What are the chances of it not having a g85 option? Since the turbos produce a good amount of power wouldn’t most come with an LSD? I’m alot more confident on purchancing this car if everything checks out. Like you guys said hopfully I’ll get some money back from selling off some parts. I’ll post some pictures if I get it this weekend for the start of my build.


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If you go on compnine with the vin you can get the entire build sheet decoded for a small fee. Someone on here may have a few compnine checks leftover and can do it for you as well.
Thanks! I’m very happy with the purchase. I was able to pick it up for $2400. Mine is a red. Like a dark red. I’ll have to see the paint color when I go back outside. And I’m very happy it was the g85 transmission.