Quick Tutorial For Turning TC Fuel Pump 180*

Hopefully this helps anyone struggling like I did with the fuel pump

-Compress the fuel pump just a tad and look inside the housing. there is one rod that is pinched to hold the top down and the other rod is not pinched and acts as a guide.
-work the rod that is not pinched with channel locks push the spring out of the way and grab the rod.
-spin the rod back and fourth while applying downward force to wiggle the rod free from the top cap section. the rod is tightly pressed and will take some effort, but will eventually come free.

-With the other rod still connected you rotate the top cap 180 degrees until the top is in line with the bottom half
-To get the rod back into the compression fitting compress the top all the way down on the rod then apply force to push the rod up in the hole

-All Done! your pump should look like this ;)