Rich's track goblin - 09 SS Donor

Discussion in 'Build Logs' started by RichRich, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. RichRich

    RichRich Member

    Yes it is a 2 piece now that is bolted on, I remember talking about it with them and cant remember why the change was made
  2. PHerder

    PHerder Well-Known Member

    Very different from what I have (which is the lower frame tubes coming out to the bottom of the radiator.)

    Makes working on the ends of the radiator hoses a bunch easier! ;)
  3. Karter2026

    Karter2026 Active Member

    This is true but without the round diagonal supports and the cut open tubes ( where the hose comes out) looks like it takes a lot of strength away from the rad support.
  4. RichRich

    RichRich Member

    It still feels plenty solid for the amount of weight it has to support but I would agree that it isn't as strong as the tubes
  5. Briann1177

    Briann1177 Well-Known Member

    Crumple zone? :)
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  6. k.rollin

    k.rollin Member

    That area doesn't need to be especially burly given its function, and the design change is more than adequate. Reason for the change I assume is for ease of manufacturing and assembly, and perhaps to reduce material cost per unit.
  7. BHan

    BHan New Member

    I went with TrackMotive to replace both drive axles in my donor.
  8. KJP

    KJP Member

    I love the color!
  9. RichN

    RichN Well-Known Member

    Mine PR2 didn't crumple well, new design will make it easier to replace when running into an immovable object ie= curb.
  10. RichRich

    RichRich Member

    Everything has been going great, thanks for the help to everyone here and the great support from Adam and Lonnie. Having them just a phone call away has been extremely helpful at times. Still have some tidying up to do but the build is going great.

    Biggest mile stone lately is "SHE'S ALIVE!!! Had a couple little things on the initial start attempt. Had power and everything seemed normal but it wouldn't crank and no power to the fuel pump. Noticed I never plugged in the 50 amp wire that comes from the battery. That solved the fuel pump issue but still wouldn't crank, starter had power though because I jumped the relay and it turned over so After a bit of trouble shooting and a call or 2 to Lonnie for a second opinion, I had somehow swapped the brake and clutch connectors and of course the manual needs to see the clutch pressed in to turn over.

    The bottom half of my fuse box took quite a hit in the accident but still works, trying to find a good way to mount it. This is it's temporary location. Any ideas?

    Went to a junk yard and they had the one I needed, paid for it but they had to remove it from the car. Well, they broke it while removing it and threw it in the crusher before I had a chance to look at it. Was probably still in better shape than mine.

    Anyone know if the brake reservoir is supposed to lean this far back? Just didn't look right but it is the only place to mount that makes sense. 20180112_090210.jpg

    Shift cables are roughly placed but haven't gotten them to line up exactly yet. 20180112_090421.jpg

    A pic of my HUA moment of the 2 connectors I somehow got mixed up, clutch and brake.

    FYI the clutch is the connector with the light brown....Green....and orange wires haha 20180112_090244.jpg

    Steering column all assembled and functioning properly 20180112_090154.jpg

    Anyone know off hand what this is for? 20180112_091137.jpg

    Thanks again for everyone's help, especially on all the harness tear down. It was so great to hear it start and run. A big load off my shoulders finally knowing my harness modifications was a success.
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  11. ctuinstra

    ctuinstra Well-Known Member

    Those are for your shifter cable at the shifter. I'm not sure exactly how they go in yet as I have not gotten that far in my build.
  12. RichRich

    RichRich Member

    Ahh, yes that makes sense. Should have known, I haven't made it that far either which I why I didn't figure it out.
  13. JSATX

    JSATX Well-Known Member

    The brake fluid reservoir should be level. I found a different set of holes in the pedal box to mount it.
  14. RichRich

    RichRich Member

    Hmm, Thanks JSATX I will definitely take a closer look. I knew it didn't look right but was tackling about 4 things at once.
  15. RichRich

    RichRich Member

    Yea, there was one of those little black plastic clips still in a hole and my eyes must've just wanted to look past it. Looks a little better now lol
  16. TheNuker

    TheNuker Well-Known Member

    0EBC8D1C-61FD-4363-949E-801997D5629B.jpeg That plate goes on your transmission to mount the cables.
  17. RichRich

    RichRich Member

    Wow Nuker, I wasn't thinking that at all but now that I look at the bracket against the transmission it makes sense because those cables DO NOT line up right without the bracket. What about the all thread?

    I will re-configure that all tomorrow and see if I can get it to fit right. Thanks man!!
  18. RichRich

    RichRich Member

    Thanks Nuker, fits much better!!!
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