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    I am thinking of taking on a Goblin build as my next project. My last projects were a 1/6th scale model RC airplane (CADdesign&build - about three years in duration but flew successfully 10 times and has ended up (intact) at the local aerospace museum), a Pennsylvania rifle replica, shoots good) and a Superlite Razor build (three years to a fully California licensed car - which I drive all the time).

    This last project was fairly similar to a Goblin build (except the latter probably has actual build guidance – the Razor certainly didn’t.

    I am getting a little old to be taking on a major project but have been cleaning and configuring my garage just in case.

    The Goblin is different from the Razor in that there is a donor car, which raises all kinds of electrical issues. Going through the (excellent) videos, I am struck by the complexity of working with a donor car harness. On my Razor, I laid out the wires (a hot rod harness) and stared at it for about four weeks before trying anything. That harness is nothing compared to a Cobalt harness.

    I understand that I may be able to have this company make up the final harness for me (well worth the money) but there are other big issues. First of all is seat mounting – which took about four weeks with the Razor, working from scratch. Does the Goblin actually bring one through this process, with either stock Cobalt seats or something like Corbeaus?? This is a major issue regarding whether to get the chassis powder coated or not – anticipating a lot of welding brackets onto it.

    This issue is typical of what I would hope to avoid, or at least find helpful guidance with. Many of the build threads I see there are not particularly encouraging (constant appeals for help).

    I don’t mind a little bit of welding (had to teach myself a lot for the Razor) and fabbing up a bracket or two is no big deal, if not actually fun; but week after week of endless challenges at every juncture is not what I want to sign up for.

    Another level of questions involve the lead time for components. Just exactly how long should I expect to wait for the Goblin chassis & parts?

    I am quite impressed with the Goblin as a product, especially compared to the Razor (it is/was an amazing car but the “factory” support was not so great).
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    The Goblin will use the stock Cobalt seats if you would like or they can use 2 different corbeau's with the side mount brackets. I was emailing Adam about a week ago he said that the chassis are about a 10 week wait as of now. I do not believe that harness to be that bad Just label every plug that you take out of the Cobalt and don't cut it out till your sure it comes out. I am also tossing about the Idea of building a Goblin also my issue will be the jumping through hoops to get it street legal here in PA. Post some pictures of the Razor build that sounds neat.
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    Welcome to the forums. The wire harness is not too hard. I spent about 2 weeks off and on. Mine started up on the first try. Sending the harness to Adam and Lonnie is money well spent if that is something you prefer not to do.

    A lot of the questions asking for help are mostly due to the differences from year to year and model to model. For a car model that only lasted 7 years, there were LOTS of changes. I had a 2007 2LT, which isn't like a base model or a SS. Also, a lot of the questions happened before the videos were added.

    There are a few things I would do differently if I build another one. If my brother gets one, he'll be taking my advice on what would be best. First and foremost would be one without ABS and one with 4 lug hubs.

    If you want to add brackets, I would definitely wait until the car is done, then take it all apart for powder coating. Lead time has to be less than it was a year ago, so I can't help you. Just go for it and buy one, we'll all help you out on the forums if you get stuck.

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    Welding is required only when you want to use custom/non standard equipment. The Corbeau seats that optionally come with the kit are perfectly suited to the vehicle and come with nice mounting brackets. No welding required.
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    Thanks guys for the information and encouragement. It is a good sign that Goblin has great Forum support.

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