Seatbelt harness mounting??


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I've never used 4,5,6 point harnesses or mounted them before. Does anyone have pictures of where and how they mounted their harnesses to the chassis? So far my research says camlock is the way to go for ease of in and out but im still quite naive..... and orange camlock harness are few and far between for a decent price but i'll likely be leaning towards black for that reason.



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The chassis is built for up to a 5-point harness. All of the mounting points are there, one in the seat center, two hip mounts, and the two shoulder mounts to the tube behind the seat.

As far as preference, there will be a lot of opinions here. We elected for the 4-point because Kaleb didn't like the idea of the strap bunching up his nuggets. Me, it doesn't matter anymore. I do find the lap part of the belt tends to ride up on my large frontal girth. I find the 4-point much easier to get in and out for not only me but new riders. The 5-points harness require a 30-minute tutorial for the harness virgins and which can give you that opportunity to get extra close and touch-feely with your favorite passenger friend; that can be a very good thing or a very bad thing.

Obviously, the 5-point will give you more security than the 4-point. The 4-point is easier to get in and out of. You have to decide which is more important. The camlock is very nice, especially to release all five harnesses at once. The 4-point also has only one button to release.

Seat choice can also make a difference on the type you should get.


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I have the Racequip 5-points with latch n lock. Unlocked should take same about of time with either cam or latch. Buckling takes probably 20 seconds compared to say 10 seconds with a cam. At the end of the day im very happy with my belts. My only gripe is the shoulder strap flaps you pull down on tend to slap me in the face on the highway.

my seats dont have a submarine slot but the cushion is split and the strap fits nicely in there away from my nuggets and keeps the lap belts from riding up. At $80 a set, SFI rated, theyre probably the best bang for the buck
I've got racequip 5pt cam. Get cam locks if you're going to go to the library or grocery store. For track only, latch & link will save you $$.

If I were to do it again, I'd get the corbeau ones. They look just a bit cooler. The seat belt bolts should be 7/16-20 or M11 x 1.25 as I've been told.


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FYI on the Corbeau harnesses - they come with the 7/16-20 bolts, but not the nuts. I couldn't find the nuts here so ordered from Amazon and of course, getting 50 of them was cheaper then getting the 4 that we needed! They are 7/16-20 Grade 8 Yellow Zinc nuts and I have plenty so if anyone wants some I can get them out to you - cost of postage is all that I ask.

Corbeau bolts on right and extra nuts on left:


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I went with 3/8 bolts. Figured the force it would take to shear 5 of them would push my kindeys through my belly button anyway