Selling Leftover and Unused Parts

Discussion in 'Disassembling and prepping' started by dperkins, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. dperkins

    dperkins Active Member

    Im having a hard time selling all the old body panels and parts I won't be using like the brakes or wheels and tires. Where did everyone sell their parts?
  2. BAR-AIR

    BAR-AIR Well-Known Member

    Up in my area it wasn't worth the time and aggravation trying to sell on Craigslist. Ended up giving the body panels and doors to a local shop. Maybe get some goodwill down the road if I ever need some work done.....
  3. David

    David Well-Known Member

    So far I have sold about $1000 worth of parts and still have lots more to sell Craigslist and forums work the best just be Prepared to get lots of texts and go to the shipping center but it worth it . I bought my donor for 3800 and now I'm at 2800 hopfuly it will get lower
  4. Briann1177

    Briann1177 Well-Known Member

    All mine sold on Craigslist. For me the body panels, bumper cover, and deck lid went fast. A lot of accidents I guess and people wanting to fix their cars themselves.
  5. Karter2026

    Karter2026 Well-Known Member

    I used Craigslist, Facebook Market place, And a few local Facebook flea market sale pages. Sold seats in 15 min. also sold front bumper driver side doors and fender. I am about $150 short of making back what I paid for the donor. Still have parts to sell so hopefully I will come out in the green.
  6. Briann1177

    Briann1177 Well-Known Member

    I'm having a hard time selling the Brembos. Not a single bite in almost 2 months on CL. I thought those would go quicker. Guess they're not a high demand item.

    I'd like to post on but you need a certain post count before you can sell.
  7. Adam

    Adam Administrator Staff Member

    Sounds like a reason to start a thread on about your Goblin project starting with the donor stripping process and the pieces you have available.
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  8. David

    David Well-Known Member

    That's what I did just start asking questions about cobalts
  9. ctuinstra

    ctuinstra Well-Known Member

    I didn't end up selling a thing. Had lots of interest on FB, but not a single one was able to come up with the cash. I was not asking much for anything, I was almost willing to give it away but nothing but a bunch of tire-kickers. I just tossed everything in the car and off to the junk yard it went. Others have had much better luck.
  10. dperkins

    dperkins Active Member

    I have had an ad on CL for months and no one seems to be interested... I’m pretty sure it’s because no one around where I live owns a cobalt, no matter the spec
  11. Karter2026

    Karter2026 Well-Known Member

    Most of my stuff went through the Facebook pages. I think I had one message about the car from CL and never showed to look at it. CL may be dying off?
  12. Briann1177

    Briann1177 Well-Known Member

    I think it depends on where you're at. Most of my parts sold to TX people. I had two people come up from there, and they took a big chunk of what I had.
  13. DanPerryy

    DanPerryy Well-Known Member

    Sold mine through craigslist
  14. PHerder

    PHerder Well-Known Member

    I sold my SS seats via Craigslist but not even a nibble on the rest of the parts. :( That is the problem of living out in flyover country.
  15. TheNuker

    TheNuker Well-Known Member

    I sold a bunch of parts on Facebook market and secondly craigslist. Plus a few via the Cobalt buy/sell/trade parts groups on facebook.


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