Side Mirrors / Turn Signals


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Any suggestions on a set of side mirrors for the Goblin? I noticed that the mirrors sometimes get kicked as people enter/exit the car, so they are subject to a bit of abuse that can easily leave them broken or loose. I was hoping to find some that can stand up better to the accidental bumps.


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Pretty sure the current mirrors are cbr 1000 mirrors fro Honda motorcycle. I'm pretty sure they should be able to fold in and take a bit of abuse...but. I don't have a pair yet...


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These are the ones I got.

The base was a little different than the mount opening on the chassis. If I had my 3d printer at the time I would of made some spacer / adapters. So before I painted I welded up the holes ground them flat and just drilled for the mirrors. They seem pretty solid once I snugged up the pivot bolt. And if they get broken they are cheap to replace.