So easy a girl can do it

That is an awsome job! Where did you get your wrap from? I am going to wrap mine also. Warning: the pieces narrow down at the front. They also split the print into two sections for anything 60" and over. When they split the print down the middle there is no overlap so you have to butt the pieces up to each other and line all the sections up. (I think I picked the hardest design for my first wrap :)) My dimensions for the hood were 60" wide x 74" long. When you put the pieces together you ended up closer to 60" wide at the top and 42" wide at the nose. The side panels were 14" x 84". At the front it narrowed down and didn't cover the panel completely. (I sealed the pieces with black sealer and the hood overlaps the section so you don't see it.) Hope this info is helpful. Enjoy searching all the cool graphics!