Solid transmission mounts


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We've got many questions about the solid mounts that we ran on our turbo car and are now running on our SS/SC car. I figured I'd post here to show you what we've developed and will be making available soon.

We focused our attention on the SS transmission mounts first. We will eventually make mounts for the base/sport auto and manual transmissions as well.

Here's what the mounts look like for the SS:

front trans mount.jpg

rear trans mount.jpg

These two mounts are direct replacements for the stock aluminum and rubber mounts on the F35 transmission.

We've run these in my dad's old turbo build (stock LNF), my dad's new supercharged build (stock LSJ) and Off the Ranch Matt's build (LNF with Z54 turbo making 328whp). There might be a slight increase in vibration that you feel while idling but at speed you definitely can't tell a difference in the engine vibrations being transferred to the frame.

We have many sets of plates already laser cut so we just need to squeeze in some time for Ray to weld them together. We are going to try to get them done before the end of the year so that we can start sending them out to all of the SS guys that want a set.
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I’d like to have some. Think they can hold up to 500hp?:D

The solid mounts reduce the amount of strain on the top mounts. Stock bottoms flex, and the tops don’t, so it puts lots of strain on the tops.