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  1. Andy

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    I am thinking about replacing the control arm bushings with the OEM rubber or urethane bushings. Anybody do the urethane ones? I have done them on cars but not sure how the goblin will react to the harder material. Thought it will be too rough a ride.

    Thanks for the help.
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  4. Andy

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    Thanks guys. Almost got my donor stripped. I think I will go with the moog bushings.
  5. Silverback

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    For what it's worth, Moog has a zinc cromate-plated control arm bushing specifically for the FE3 and FE5 aluminum control arms. The Moog part number is K201285. There's one to a box. It's a good deal more expensive than the standard, you would think it is gold plated. If you use the less expensive unplated version - if it fits - you might want to use a coating of anti-seize to avoid electro-galvanic corrosion between the steel and aluminum.
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    I believe Whiteline makes control arm bushings that are a cross between urathane and rubber.
    Just came across this site yesterday and I'm leaning towards these bushings.

    Whiteline Synthetic Elastomer Bushings

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    Also, the Whiteline part numbers for the lower control arm replacement bushings (only parts available) W53315 and W53316 are available thru a bunch of suppliers, to include Amazon, Summit Racing and others. All for ~ the same cost. Main difference may be the shipping cost...

    I did a Google search using Whiteline and then the part numbers.

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