Texas Revoking Titles (and how you can help)

Discussion in 'Registering for road use' started by Adam, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. JSATX

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    I’ve thought about this. The main problem is you must then have all safety items that are required in 2007.
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    Justin, that may then make getting abs to work Or how to transfer it over to the goblin then right?
  3. JSATX

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    Frankly, no. Because it wouldn’t just be ABS. It would be airbags, emmissions, etc etc.

    Basically the opposite of everything the Goblin is.
  4. Balphamore

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    Ahhh okay, which would be counter to why the goblin was built.
  5. JSATX

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    We have successfully been placed on the formal agenda for the upcoming DMV board meeting!! I’m putting together a presentation right now. Thanks to everyone who sent out a letter. It worked!
  6. Johvans

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    Can we see the presentation?

  7. tpnxl

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    JSATX if it needs to be a replica why doesn't someone create a company with another name and make a Goblin replica, but secretly have a partnership with DF Kit Car in that they receive payment, have DF Kit Car assemble the kit and give it to the customer? ;) I can just imagine it now: TPNxl Automotive Inc.'s new car: the Ghoul - a replica of the DF Goblin that is fully road legal :D
  8. ProFromDover

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    This is the letter I sent to my state Representative for our district. I hope it describes what you good folks are trying to do. Feel free to plagarize if you feel it appropriate.


    Honorable Representative Mr. Phil King
    District 61
    2110 Fort Worth Hwy
    Weatherford, TX 76086

    Subject: Texas Administrative Code 217.3 regarding Vehicle Titles and Registration.

    Mr. King,

    I am writing you in reference to a recent change of policy of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles with regards to registration of certain vehicles. Specifically Texas Administrative Code 217.3 regarding Vehicle Titles and Registration.

    The state has determined that certain vehicles, ie. Kit cars, dune buggies, or cars modified from previously manufactured vehicles " pose a risk to the general public".

    I do understand that preventing highway fatalities are a top concern to the Texas DMV as it should be. What I do not understand is how these vehicles have been determined to pose a noteworthy risk to the general public. I have not seen any quantitative data backing up this claim. I believe DMV owes us this prior to changing regulations affecting licensure and titling of vehicles.

    In addition, the state argues against dune buggies allegedly boils down to safety concerns. Texas DMV spokesman Adam Shaivitz told Hemmings that the ban resulted "because many of these vehicles do not have key safety components or do not have a body at all. These vehicles, as manufactured, were not designed for on-road use. These vehicles, as modified from previously manufactured vehicles, also do not keep their on-road qualities."

    Note: Farm tractors are not designed for on-road use yet ply many of our roadways with nothing more than an orange triangle on the back of them.

    Read more: http://autoweek.com/article/car-new...dune-buggies-and-other-kit-cars#ixzz4yiivkcU4

    In another letter DMV asserts: "They (dune buggies) pose a risk to the general public".

    Mr. Shavitz/DMV’s assertions appear to be based on supposition and not factual data. As a matter of fact I have endeavored to derive crash accident data from the TXDOT site and have been unsuccessful. The TXDOT search engine is not very useful.


    To wit, I cannot see how DMV determined that these types of vehicles any more risk than any other vehicle on the road. I would assume that more people were killed in Texas by cement trucks or minivans than several years’ worth of data on kit/owner assembled vehicles.

    - Interesting that in the United States a:

    - Texas citizen may build or modify a boat all they wish.
    - That same Texas citizen may build and fly an aircraft of their own design.
    - However, in the state of Texas it is currently not possible to build the most personal of personal conveyances. An automobile.

    It is a sad state of affairs when we tell our young and bright Texans that they can drive a car as long as a factory designs it and puts it together for them. To me, that’s sort of like eating BBQ beef brisket from a can processed in Detroit.

    I firmly believe that the folks in TXDMV need to eliminate this wasteful and unnecessary policy.

    I would ask that you encourage TXDMV to revise Texas Administrative Code 217.3 to:

    - allow licensing and titling of “owner built” or “self-built” vehicles meeting minimum safety requirements (i.e. seat belts, lighting, brakes, etc.)

    - allow licensing and titling of owner built “kit” vehicles built with components of production vehicles meeting minimum safety requirements (i.e. seat belts, lighting, brakes, etc.)

    - allow licensing and titling of “owner built”, “self-built”, or kit built “dune buggies” specifically, meeting minimum safety requirements (i.e. seat belts, lighting, brakes, etc.)

    There is a TXDMV meeting this December 7 concerning this matter


    If you should wish to discuss this matter further please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Respectfully submitted,

    William R “Bill” Goebel
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  9. JSATX

    JSATX Well-Known Member

    That is a great letter. We have been working every day on Thursdays meeting and will hopefully know a lot more after that.
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  10. SliderR1

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    Thanks for all your efforts guys!! I am very concerned if this sticks it could set a precedent for other states. I still can't believe this is happening in Texas of all places...crazy...
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  11. ProFromDover

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  12. Briann1177

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    Is some kind of feedback from the meeting expected? At town meetings where I live, the board members aren't allowed to take formal action or respond to comments. Dumb but kind of makes sense.
  13. JSATX

    JSATX Well-Known Member

    Typically that is true. But we are on the formal agenda so questions and convertations are almost certainly going to happen.
  14. ProFromDover

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    If the process of changing a state code is anything like changing a federal regulation it should require a formal requirement to do so, however that gets initiated. I assume it will then goes back and forth several times for rewrite, then it is put out for public review and comment under some notice of rulemaking. After review of comments it would then be finalaized as a final Code.

    The message here is don't expect something to be changed overnight. Engage all around you, write your Texas state representatives from your area. Basically activate and organize. Possibly bring in other entities to add credence (i.e. SEMA, Texas state car clubs, kit car manufactureers (in-state and out) and a bunch I don't know of yet.) Anybody you know that may have an interest.

    Justin/JSATX is leading the charge. Let's make sure we help him any way we can. This can only benefit us. Keep your fingers crossed for good things happening at today's meeting in Austin.
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    Saw lots of posts in the dune buggy facebook group. Looking forward to seeing a recap!

  16. Waterdriver

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    I don't know if it could help but I thought SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) has helped fight legislation against classic cars, hot rods and kit cars.
    They might be a resource and help fight the good fight.
  17. JSATX

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  18. JSATX

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    I kinda fell apart near the end. But Overall I’d say it went very well. We had good reception from the board members and especially the chairman of the board.

    Next we’ll create a working group with key members of the DMV and get this mess behind us.
  19. Briann1177

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    They were really focused on your DMV experience. Lol. Great job to all involved.
  20. Dreamer

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    Yep. Seemed like they didn't want to admit there was ever a bad experience at the DMV. I have yet to have a great one.:confused:

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