ZZP Pulley Puller for Sale $90


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ZZP Pulley Puller used only one time. Worked great! I didn't have any problems or issues pulling off the OEM pulley and installing the adapter. This tool is listed for $120 on ZZP website. If you wonder why it's so expensive, you have to see it in person. This thing is huge and built solid. The pictures don't do it justice.

I want to give our fellow DF Kit Car owners first chance at this. After 2 weeks, I'm going to list it on eBay and other sites for $110. Buyer pays shipping in all cases.




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Maybe since it's more a one time use. You should just charge 35 dollars, shipping + deposit and just keep loaning it out.
ZZP charges less for rental. I would have to mess with shipping it out and refunding the deposit many times just to get my investment out of it before I could even see a profit. And then having to deal with people that damage or break the tool and deal with them if I have to keep the deposit - no thanks. I would rather just take a small loss for the cost of using it. Maybe the next guy can sell it for the same and wouldn't cost them anything.

I bet Adam and Lonny could use it with all of the SC cars they have.


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Yeah if someone else is interested too i am planning on using it and then resell on the fourum. Make a community tool out of it. Should be plenty of SC guys that need it.