CNCMan's City Ext 07 LS Manual

Off to a slow start. Got the donor last month and had to make some room for it. Stage 1 and 2 should be here within 2 weeks, so It's time to tear the donor up to make room for it. I will be posting pictures and updates along with questions as they pop up, but I think we have a pretty good idea of where we are going.
Wow! I feel like we got a whole lot done today! We hit some road blocks but I think we will have the frame out before the kit arrives. One of the sub frame bolts was rusted solid so we were not able to drop the powertrain. We did pull a bunch of big parts and free a lot of the harness from the dash back. The interior is done except for the hard part (the dash). We have everything we need to finish it just need a day or two more and we will have the frame picked clean and ready to get out of our way.


See my build thread about getting to a sub frame bolt / cage nut. I cut threw the floor board to get to the top side of the sub frame. Used a cheap angle grinder. 10 min of work, 40 minutes thinking about before hand.


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What bolt are you struggling with? I had one on the front subframe to engine mount. I finally got it to break loose by over-powering the impact wrench only to find out it I was on a welded nut and should have remove the bolt on the other side. The bolt was much easier.