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I had ordered stage 1, then 2 or three weeks later decided to add the other 2 stages since it would be easier for me to just pick up everything at once instead of shipping, so that added some additional time to my order.
Did the exact same thing here, knew I would be up in the wee hours putting it together and would hate to run out of things to do.
Hi @Adam, I'm getting closer to pulling the trigger on a kit and wanted to see if this was possible on your end as I think it would benefit the group as a whole. Throughout the forums there are additional options littered here and there and it's more or less up to us to know it's an option. Having a central repository for these add-on items and services would boost revenue, reduce complexity and friction in the purchasing process, and ultimately streamline the build and improve customer satisfaction.

When I'm building my kit, Step 3 is where I choose my optional equipment - can we use this as the central repository for all optional equipment / services? Or let there be a store for these items and during the purchasing process let me choose from them. I understand some of the options are not available yet or pricing is still getting worked out and that's perfectly fine (maybe a TBD would be good for those items just so we know what's coming). Based on this thread and others I have seen, some options include the following ( please comment if I'm missing anything ):

  1. SS Solid Trans mounts
  2. Windshield
  3. Rear BC Coilovers
  4. Gauge Button Kit
  5. Seat Rails
  6. Stainless Brake Lines
  7. Parking Brake Kit
  8. Boost gauge mount (bare or powder coated, only for the dial gauge not the LCD system)
  9. Heat exchanger duct kit
  10. Bearing hubs (base/SC or TC, 4x100, 5x110 or drilled to 5x114.3)
  11. ASA caps for the front bearing hubs (to replace the speed sensor and shield the bearing)
  12. Wiring harness service
  13. Boss Audio speaker clamp extensions (it would be nice to just offer the whole bluetooth stereo kit but we'll just do the extensions first)
  14. Fiberglass footwell cover (this is a new option that is just about ready to go, we'll announce it on the forum soon. It covers the leg area of the cockpit to keep radiator heat, water and debris from entering through the front of the car)
  15. New F23 transmissions (we think we will be able to get more very soon)
  16. Other seat and harness options (still from Corbeau but different from the FX1 and 5 point harness)
  17. Coolant hose pulling tool
  18. Mid-Entry (Between Full & Easy)
To take this a step further, some members are creating and building add-ons that you may not have the expertise or want to mess with (ex. the cluster light module). This site could act as the broker for those third-party parts / services and everyone benefits.

Some additional info on items above


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If anyone else is running braided steel lines, the parking brake kit, and 15" wheels without spacers, be advised that the end fitting of the lines from DF Kit Car may contact the barrel of your wheel. Upper pic is the finish damage sustained after rotating the wheel to verify clearance and installation of aftermarket Solstice lines. Lower pic is the removed finishes from the wheel embedded in the ferrule of the brake line. Learn from my mistake.


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Looks Great Adam! my only suggestion is to be able to purchase single accessories from the site. the only option now is to purchase the entire kit. I know down the line i might end up buying a windshield and the e-brake kit and would be nice to order just that on the site.
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$925 for wiring harness service. While probably worth every penny, looks like I am doing my own.
It is A LOT of work. I did my own. It took me almost as long to modify the harness as it did to put the rest of the car together. Lol. Seemed like it anyways. I enjoyed doing it, I now know what every wire does and could route it like I wanted, but if you don’t have the knowledge or skills to do it, I wouldn’t undertake it. Definitely a very, very hard task to undertake.