Donor Help - Cobalt SS wont start but cranks - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Buying a Donor' started by BaltimoreHokie, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. Guys, I found and 2009 Cobalt SS TC and went to look at it personally. Its on an salvage lot, it was a donated vehicle and the exterior is in great condition. It cranks but wont turn over. I read a few codes and most of them were oxygen sensors but I was not able to look at them all. Here is a video of it cranking.

    I checked most of the fuses, relays and around the engine bay for any easy fixes, checked the battery to see if there were any lose wires etc. I've done some googling but I cannot figure out why exactly it wouldn't start. Any idea? Link below to a video of what its doing.

  2. TheNuker

    TheNuker Well-Known Member

    Have you checked the fuel rail to see if you have pressure? Can you hear the fuel pump priming when you turn the key to the last click before starter?

  3. Thanks for the reply I know I'm somewhat shooting in the dark w limited details and no access to the car now. So i didn't think about checking the fuel rail until I left. But. I did think I heard the fuel pump priming.
  4. Bill

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    Sound like a compression issue if I ever heard one. I would check that first, it sounds like its just a big air pump.
  5. ctuinstra

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    I'll bet it's the timing chain. These cars are bad about them breaking. I've got one in my garage right now with a broken timing chain. Problem is when they break the pistons can hit the valves and do damage to them and the pistons. I couldn't see how many miles were on it since the door was ajar.
  6. Its got about 135k miles. I'm going to just have to bid pretty low with the assumption that something may be very wrong. I assume its in the junk yard for a reason since its cosmetically perfect.
  7. I didn't win, I was too conservative and missed it by about 300 bucks. I guess there will always be another!
  8. David

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    I was in tthe same boat as you it's was not worth it to me to buy a car from a salvage yard I went with a car that was in pretty good shape and ran for a decent price
  9. ctuinstra

    ctuinstra Well-Known Member

    I like to think it happened for a reason.
  10. Yeah, It would help if I knew what the end result of the issues were with the motor. I like the idea of a turbo, but the supercharged ones are cheaper and seems like more people on this forum have them, which is nice because then I'd have support if I ran into an issue.
  11. So, This car is actually back up for sale, to give a bit more detail. Its an donated vehicle so the price has to be approved. The exterior of the Cobalt is perfect and only mechanical so it must be something like a blown motor. I could re-coop some costs by selling some of the panels since they are all perfect. An ZZP LDK engine is 2200ish. Has anyone used one of these for their build? I'd just be a little worried about never starting it up prior to putting it into the goblin since we hack up the wiring so much.

    The other option is buying an 05-07 off craigslist for somewhere in the range of 2.2k. Of course I could sell some things off this one to reduce the overall price as well. Thoughts?

    I hate to have a car shipped to me without looking at it, and I think the number of SS cobalts coming in to the coparts near me is pretty slim. Not sure what the best route is...
  12. ctuinstra

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    Where are you located? I see SC and TC fairly often around here running. Not cheap, but I have found some that pretty much come close to the price I paid for a Copart car that was available locally and still on the road.
  13. Annapolis MD,. There are a few supercharged ones near here (in PA) that are around 2500. Trying to decide if getting one around that is better.
  14. ctuinstra

    ctuinstra Well-Known Member

    You got me beat! If it's fairly low miles, it's worth it for that.
  15. David

    David Well-Known Member

    I would try to find something local or not to far from that is clean tittle and running I paid 3800 from a dealer and I've made 1300 back so far from selling parts and still have lots more to sale.
  16. SliderR1

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    The salvage yards are getting ~$1500 for an LSJ engine from what research I have done. That might put the price point in a little more perspective... The bottom ends on the LSJs are forged and sought after.
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    If it’s any help to you, I am running a gen 3 LNF ‘custom block’ that I am pretty sure is similar to the ldk.
  18. Guys, so pretty big update. Responses would be appreciated. I bid on this vehicle which did not meet the reserve, but seller emailed me and asked for 1250. I think its prob worth that. Its about 45 min away, and I could pick it up myself so thats a big plus. Here are pictures. To recap, this is the vehicle in the video. That would not start. Something obviously wrong with the motor. I would guess with the fee's i'd be in it for like 1600


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  19. David

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    Does it run looks clean is it the same one with a blown motor
  20. I'm assuming the motor is blown. Its the one in the video at the very top of this thread. Cranks, but does not start.

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