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Desert Sasqwatch

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Yes I did. Since I live out here in Phoenix and the sun tears up everything that it touches, so I went with some inexpensive ones off eBay. If they wear too quickly it will be easy enough to get them replaced for not a lot of $$$ They are Ikon Motorsports in black with tasteful (in my opinion) blue trim. They are tall enough for me at 6'3" so the seatbelt holes in the back are at the level of my shoulders and not below like many seats I was looking at. They should just squeeze in with a 20 inch width on the base. I will have to get my frame and do a first fitting, may need to do a custom seat mount to get them positioned correctly.
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I'm curious how they will fit. Keep us posted. I got a pair of cheapos from ebay for a dirt car we built, but they were only good for about 2 hours and then they got pretty uncomfortable. I know what you mean about the desert heat. The ones we have are completely faded out just from normal use. I have looked at the corbeau Baja Xrs, but they may be to wide. Also they are a suspension seat which may make them to high as well.