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  1. RichN

    RichN Well-Known Member

    Just left DMV in a bad mood. :mad:

    He started by walking up saying "nice project, hope you're not looking for a VIN today."
    I said OK, what do I need.
    He asked where the motor came from, which he then stated it doesn't look like a Cobalt to me.
    What am I wanting to classify it as? To which I replied it is loosely based on a '57 Lotus 7.
    He said if he googled a Lotus 7 on his phone; it isn't going to look like that.
    He looked at the MSO and said I need to meet Federal safety standards for 2017.
    Then he started going over all the things it is missing; fenders, body panels to include encasing the motor, air bags, abs, bumpers, safety glass, a center mounted rear view mirror, wipers, etc, etc....
    I asked about SEMA laws regarding kit cars, he said that I need to bring proof if it is exempt from federal.
    It will be extremely difficult to get a VIN and title according to the inspector.

    Then he said I need to meet emissions for a 2007 Cobalt, the CEL has to be off.
    Not a problem, I can get a flash done somewhere.

    Then he looked through some of my receipts.
    A lot of eBay invoices. None of which will work because they don't have a paid in full stamp.
    I said " nobody ships anything online unless it is paid first."
    He said he's not familiar with how eBay works.
    Same with ZZP for the headers; not good enough to only have the invoice and shipping label.
    He said there is a credit card number on the invoice but doesn't say paid in full or balance due = $0.00
    I just need to bring my credit card statement from November.
    I stated I only receive online statements; he said request a paper copy.
    Then he noticed that the ZZP shipping label includes bolts and a gasket; but that is not on the invoice, so I need to contact ZZP to have them send me an invoice for those.:mad::mad::mad:

    He did spend a lot of time going over examples.
    The vehicle he did before mine was a trike; he said that is classified as a motorcycle and must meet the safety requirements of one.
    I asked about an Ariel Atom; he said just recently they had the first ever in the state come through and they didn't give him a VIN or title either.
    I asked about a dune buggy and he said none of my parts came from a VW.
    I asked what they do about Factory 5 818, he said that looks like a Cobra ( o_O ) and maybe I should have bought one of those instead. :eek:
    We looked at the MSO and I said the manufacturer is DF Kit Car and the model is a Goblin; why can't we use those? I asked what would my new title state? He said whatever I wanted to classify it as, but if it is a replica, I need pictures of what it replicates.

    So as a final parting question I asked "if I sold it to my mom in Florida and when she gets a title from FL, just sells it to me and signs over the title, can I apply for a title in NH as a used car, would that work?" He said no.

  2. PHerder

    PHerder Well-Known Member

    Sounds almost exactly how it went when I tried to register my Stalker in Kansas. First inspector (Kansas Highway Patrol trooper) gave me the same type of grief. Found a different inspector who really didn't look at the serial numbers on the engine/transmission but did look over my receipts (copy of the title from the car the engine came from and the salvage yard VIN for the transmission).

    Lucky for me, Kansas really didn't want receipts for every nut and bolt. :confused:

    The MSO I got from the manufacturer was printed from a computer and the first inspector almost wouldn't accept it due to his statement "anyone could have printed that out!" :rolleyes:

    Are there different inspectors in NH? I would try another from a different city/county/?
  3. Silverback

    Silverback Well-Known Member

    What a dick!
  4. PHerder

    PHerder Well-Known Member

    Another thought... check to see if NH has an "Assembled Vehicle" option. Many states have it due to SEMA's actions. My Stalker was listed on the title that way with a build date of the day I purchased the kit.

    From the SEMA Action Network (I bolded the part that may apply!)
  5. RichN

    RichN Well-Known Member


    There are different inspection stations, I'm going to a different one next time.
    I mentioned SEMA Action; he still insisted it needed to be a "replica". I pointed out the MSO from DF Kit Car says "Certificate of Origin for a Kit Car"
    During the end of our conversation we weren't seeing eye to eye as I also mentioned road graders and front end loaders don't have fenders but have licence plates.

    I went to someone who is very knowledgeable about state inspections.
    Classification I need to use = all purpose; same one that's used for a SUV or Jeep (other options would be automobile, motorcycle, moped, pickup, farm, commercial, and a few others)

    He gave me some very good info and he would have given me a VIN, just not a pass right then.
    Given the items needing attention, I would have been able to do them in 30 minutes and come right back.
    3 things he said might be noticed:
    • The rear brake lines underneath need to be bent closer to the fuel tank to prevent being ripped out if you go down a dirt road and hit a rock or stump; Class 6 roads in NH are not maintained by the city, town or state. They should also be wrapped in 1/4" cable wire loom as a primary protection.
    • The front brake line needs another clamp 1/2 way down the vertical run coming out of the master cylinder to prevent movement and again covered in wire loom.
    • The dash panel I made has 4 pointy edges, file them down or put more of the door edge guard on it.
    I will wait for the body panels before I try again.
    I'm going to sell the 17" Camaro wheels and tires and buy something that fits better. 205s for the front and 245s for the rear.
  6. Silverback

    Silverback Well-Known Member

    It's been many years, but my Caterham (ordered directly from them) was invoiced as a replacement chassis for a 1965 Lotus 7. The drive train was billed the same and shipped separately to get it into the country. Tennessee registered it as a reconstructed 1965 Lotus 7. The Goblin may present a bigger challenge since it's mid-engined. Perhaps it could be a replacement chassis for the two-seat, mid-engine 1960 Lotus 19 with Lotus 7 bodywork?

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  7. RichN

    RichN Well-Known Member

    Easy fixes

    DSCF3118.JPG DSCF3121.JPG
  8. Root

    Root Member

    I'm new to the Goblin scene and am finally acknowledging my growing interest in this endeavor! :)
    It must be a frustrating process to try to register these machines in New England. I'm in MA and would expect nothing but grief from the RMV. I'm guessing that by the time you meet all of 'the man's' requirements, you've basically got a Cobalt with RWD; stripping all the fun out of driving the Goblin. We're far too uptight in MA; can't wait to get out! I remember life being so much easier in CO.

    Parking brake, windshield, full body panels & covers, wipers, front & rear turn signals, high beam indicator, fenders, loomed brake lines, the list is endless. Am I making too much of this? Or should I approach registration as part of the fun? I'd hate to put all the time & effort (although quite enjoyable) into construction only to find that it is impossible to register the machine ......

    Rich, I am very interested in your registration experience and am looking forward to see how you wrangled with the 'powers that be'.
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  9. RichN

    RichN Well-Known Member

    Hi Root,
    MA has Factory5 making kits there and our other choice was the 818; it should be a similar process.
    Most of the items you are listing are available. I have ordered them, just haven't received them yet. I think the next time I show up and it looks more like a car and not a sandrail it will be less scrutinized.

    Parking brake = from the donor and some parts from Stage 3 optional stuff
    Full body panels, covers and fenders = Stage 3
    Wipers = ??? we shall see on re-inspection
    Front & rear turn signals = they were installed
    High beam indicator = that works, part of the dash wiring
    Loomed brake lines = there was plenty of loom left over from the donor
    Defroster = really? DMV inspector needs to use common sense

    Other stuff such as bumpers and safety glass (still pretty sure I only need plexi according to NH DMV website) = I have talked to Lonnie a few times and we both want to see exactly what's needed to pass.

    I went to Concord. Over the past few weeks talking to others who have done salvage inspections, they go to other towns even if Concord is the closest. I have since bought a stamp and marked ALL my receipts "Paid in Full" and removed the questionable ones from my binder.

    Making it street legal is part of the build process and when I started the post I was pretty upset. I felt that the title inspection should be to verify the source of the parts and not a safety inspection. DMV paperwork does not indicate it is a safety inspection.
  10. PHerder

    PHerder Well-Known Member

    FYI, have you ever seen a auto race in the rain? Non-working defroster (defogger!) causes extreme vision problems on the windshield with it fogging up with all the moisture. IF you have a windshield with wiper, they (your DOT) assume you would be running in the rain thus the requirement for the defroster (defogger!).

    In Kansas, I believe there is a requirement for a wiper if you have a windshield... (no mention of a defogger... yet). The DOT does not specify what kind of wiper so I used a bolt on mechanical (i.e. to make it wipe, you move the internal level back and forth to wipe the outside of the windshield) to get thru the initial inspection. Since Kansas has NO further inspections, it was removed and the next builder was sent the wiper. :D
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  11. RichN

    RichN Well-Known Member

    Hi Paul,
    I can't imagine moisture fogging up the inside of the windshield with no roof; besides, we look above the windshield anyway.
    I looked at hand activated wipers similar to ones used on UTVs and golf carts; cheap enough at $50.
    And yes, mine will probably go to Frank after the DMV inspection.
  12. PHerder

    PHerder Well-Known Member

    On my Stalker, I never had the problem even though I was once caught in a pop up shower. It came up while I was at a local car show and the wife and I decided to leave and head for home. That #@$= shower followed me most of the way home and a defogger wouldn't have helped see thru the rain anyway. :confused:

    I remember drilling some holes to drain the water out of the passenger compartment and the seats were wet for a while. :eek:

    Anyway, the govt makes the rules whether they make sense or not. :rolleyes: I guess if REALLY needed, a 12 VDC hair dryer positioned to blow on the windshield would meet the letter of the law. ;)
  13. Root

    Root Member

    I guess registration is part of the game and should be viewed as an enjoyable challenge!
    Still, construction is a huge undertaking requiring a bit of skill, moderate patience, and lots of garage space!
    I'll need to reconfigure my welder for carbon steel, purchase a sand blaster, and get psyched for an adventure! :)
  14. mxcobra

    mxcobra Member

    Back in 2005 when I registered my Factory Five. I didn't have wipers, paint defrost... But I still got a vin and title. The key was having the paperwork right. The title from the donor MUST be in your name. This proves you paid taxes on it. You must have all the receipts. Have two piles, one for anything you purchased in MA paying sales tax on. And the second pile for anything out of state or online. You will need to pay taxes on that when you go to the registry. the other key, make sure to have copies of everything. Offer to leave them a copy if they need to look something up. I made it as easy for them as I could have. Needless to say, I sailed right through with no issues. I went to Northboro for my inspection. I was told they were nicer from guys on the factory five forums. And that did seem to be the case.
  15. Root

    Root Member

    Hi Mxcobra,
    I've concluded that the registration process has two goals ...... make sure the donor parts aren't stolen, and pay all the sales tax that is due. I've decided it's not a big deal. Not gonna sweat it ..... it's nothing a little diplomacy & time can't work its way through!

    Glad to hear from someone relatively close by!
  16. mxcobra

    mxcobra Member

    You are 100% correct. The officer that inspected my car said that's the biggest concern stolen parts. He also told me he does not worry about the hot rod / custom builders like us. its the guys fixing wrecked cars and trying to flip them. Those guys are "shady" his exact words lol
  17. RichN

    RichN Well-Known Member

    Update on requirements after my visit to DMV this morning.

    Anyone else registering in NH should not have a problem with a DFKit car once mine is approved by the Director of DMV.
    The car will be titled as a 2017 model (year that the state VIN is issued) but the donor engine is a 2007, so it must meet emissions for a 2007 Cobalt.
    Since it must meet emissions for 2007, there must be an OBD port.
    All the panels from Stage 3.
    Defroster needs to be mounted to the dash. One of those $20 ones that plug into a power outlet attached with velcro is fine.
    Both mechanical type parking brakes need to work. For DMV requirements a minimum of left and right on the vehicle on the same axle.
    Windshield wipers for driver and passenger; either electric or vacuum. Manually operated are not allowed.
    Catalytic converter needs to be installed and two O2 sensors.
    LED headlights will NOT pass. Anywhere else is OK. (I have regular halogen headlight bulbs) Mine from DFKit car also had a peanut bulb in the bottom that I wired with the parking lights, that met their requirement for front illumination.
    The licence plate light cannot illuminate to the rear, it must shine downward only. A strip of tape or painted black is OK.
    Requirements are for left side and center mounted rear view mirror to have a clear view 200' behind unless it is obstructed, then you must have a left and right outside mirror. My center would be obstructed by the wing and engine cover.
    On the bumpers that I used, I had put on rubber chair protectors with a rubber mallet. He said as long as there were no sharp edges, it didn't matter if he could see through the tubes.

    Optional but they like to see it. The frame stamped somewhere with the serial# from the Certificate of Origin.

    If I think of anything else, I'll update here.
  18. Root

    Root Member

    Grrrrrr ..............
    It's enough to make you scream!
  19. RichN

    RichN Well-Known Member

    I got a letter last Thursday from NH Title dept requesting prior title. (HUH?)
    So I went to the main office in Concord with the letter. I spoke to someone who retrieved my file and she needed a few things.
    She took my original Cert Of Origin from DFKitcar and gave me a copy.
    She let me keep my original title from my donor and they took a copy. I signed and dated their copy stating that the engine and transmission were removed to build this kit car. You need a title to scrap a car less than 20 years old in NH.
    I had to fill out 1 form=
    She said everything is now all set and they would print it out by the end of the day and mail it out Friday morning.
  20. RichN

    RichN Well-Known Member

    Please read between the lines in this post. ;)
    If I were to go through the process again if my brother buys one, I would have him do things differently than I.
    He should buy a 20+ year old non-running Saturn, Sunfire, or Cavalier on Craigslist for $100. If it is over 20, it doesn't need a title and it is emissions exempt. Spend the money to register it in your town, should be less than $80. That way you can turn in the registration when applying for a title showing proof that you owned it before taking out the motor and tranny. You can part it out and scrap it without a title.
    I would list that the engine/tranny used on the kit car came from that donor. Then it doesn't matter if the CEL is on.
    That would have saved me the expense of buying a cat and making the evap work and any other future issues. My CEL is still on for a rich condition, 2nd fan inop (need to solder in a resistor to trick it), and TCU communication. The only place a Cobalt would show up is when the hook up to the OBD port for annual state inspections. The BCU has the VIN stored but that can be changed. DMV wants me to change mine to match the VIN they issued me. If you're building one in just a little over 6 years from now,just tell them the motor came from a 2004 Cobalt.
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