RichN City Goblin - 2007 LT donor

Discussion in 'Build Logs' started by RichN, May 9, 2016.

  1. PHerder

    PHerder Well-Known Member

    Me three!
  2. Briann1177

    Briann1177 Well-Known Member

    I didn't think you could turn off things like air bag or TPMS.
  3. JSATX

    JSATX Well-Known Member

    You can. If it's legal or not I don't know. But all of that is available to a good tuner.
  4. RichN

    RichN Well-Known Member

    I will see if he can do all of yours when I bring mine in.
    I was going to bring just the BCM, but he said to drive over with it installed in the car; it is easier to do.
    This is done with the GM tech 2 tool. Small shops may not have it, but larger independent ones should.
    I'm pretty sure most of the stuff I am having turned off is legal except maybe the air bag; but those are not installed on the car anymore.

    The seat belt light is a reminder and goes off after a while anyway, I just didn't want it coming up anymore. It's taped over for now.
    My donor is a 07 so no TPMS.
    ABS is no longer on the car. I have that light covered with tape too.
    The lack of the ABS controller is probably giving me the brake warning light issue I mentioned in my post #66 & 70.
    I plugged in the BCM from my 05 donor which didn't have ABS and the dash light worked correctly.
  5. DanPerryy

    DanPerryy Well-Known Member

    Could you find out what tool he used?
  6. PHerder

    PHerder Well-Known Member

    It has to be a TECH II diagnostic tool. That is what was used on my 2008 LS to enable the cruise control.
  7. RichN

    RichN Well-Known Member

    Stage 3 on it's way.

    finishing stage 3.jpg
  8. RichN

    RichN Well-Known Member

    Picked up Stage 3


    Packed like Tetris.


    Sorted out mine and Frank's parts.

  9. RichN

    RichN Well-Known Member

    Frank stopped by today to pick up his parts.
    Mounted the wing and 1 caliper today.

    DSCF3154.JPG DSCF3155.JPG

    For the caliper, even with the pad backed out as much as I could, I had to use 3 washers per bolt to create enough space to fit over the rotor.

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  10. RichN

    RichN Well-Known Member

    Yeah! It's running again. Had an issue with the ECU, car wouldn't start, hooked up scan tool= no communication with ECU. So, I used some CRC electrical connection cleaner on the plugs and connectors and sprayed some tire shine on the rubber O-rings. Wiggled the locking arm a bunch of times to loosen it up. Snapped on really easy. (Thanks for the advice Lonnie)

    Fenders are on, they seemed to move a little bit so I put on a stainless split washer. Nice and tight now. I'll have to weld on new brackets for the rear fenders because I ground off the sway bar link tabs. Windshield bracket is mounted 3" from the back edge. The screw holes end up being 4".

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  11. RichN

    RichN Well-Known Member

    Hi, anyone have any pics of how the engine cover attaches? Three other car guys have looked at mine and can't figure out how it will ever fit without serious cutting.

    DSCF3163.JPG DSCF3164.JPG DSCF3165.JPG
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  12. Adam

    Adam Administrator Staff Member

    Hey Rich,

    Sorry for not having instructions. Here's a shot of the engine cover installed on a base model automatic (the turbo car has to be trimmed to fit the intercooler above the valve cover):

    b&l engine cover.jpg

    I'm pretty sure I forgot those little 'L' shaped brackets in your hardware so I will send them with the stuff in your email.
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  13. RichN

    RichN Well-Known Member

    Well, it took the whole family to wrap and install the side panels.
    First attempt didn't look good at all, peeled it off and re-did them.
    Pictures do not do it justice; in person it looks awesome. Textured 3D gloss black carbon fiber.

    I did get the engine cover on, Thank you Adam.
    No picture of that yet.

  14. RichN

    RichN Well-Known Member


    I went to DMV in Manchester this morning for another try. Didn't get a VIN, but I'm almost there.
    Classification is All Purpose, they agree it is a Kit car and found the requirements in the regulations, as opposed to it needing to be a replica the first time I went.
    One interesting thing is they took a bunch of photos to send to the director of DMV for approval for a DFKit Goblin since I am the first one in the state.
    The inspectors didn't see any issues why it would wouldn't, just that is their procedure.

    They found 4 things and wrote it down, signed and dated the paper so next time that is all that will be looked at.
    1. Defroster needed to be mounted to the dash. I had one of those $20 ones that plug into a power outlet, just needed to attach it, velcro is fine.
    2. Both parking brakes need to work. Mine were mounted but no cables attached. For DMV requirements a minimum of 2 on a vehicle on the same axle.
    3. Windshield wipers for driver and passenger; either electric or vacuum. Manually operated are not allowed.
    4. Catalytic converter and install the other O2 sensor. They saw the plug by the muffler and asked if that's what it was for.

    One thing they liked was the quality of all the welds, especially the fuel tank. They loved how you guys down in Texas designed the front knuckles.

    DMV will be calling me in the next few days to let me know whether the director approved it or not. Then if I have everything installed, two of the same inspectors that were there today will be in Concord next Tuesday and one of them will be in Manchester again next Wednesday.

    SOOOO close to having plates. :)
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  15. RichN

    RichN Well-Known Member

    Ordered Magnaflow cat #53953 and 2 wiper motor setups that have an 8" blade (Google search A-17508-SS12)
    $187 for all 3 things including shipping.

  16. Grasshopper

    Grasshopper Member

    Looking for more info on your front and rear bumpers. PA needs to have them and your set up looks very good and simple. More pictures please!! Write up perhaps?

    Also the windshield, glass or no?
  17. RichN

    RichN Well-Known Member

    The bumpers are on loan and just something Lonnie welded up real quick for me. I'm giving them to Frank after I get plates so he can register his, then I'm shipping them back to Texas. I really like the one Bruce built for the front from a Rav4 and I'll get one to make my own rear bumper and not run a front one.

    Windshield is the plexiglass one available in stage 3 parts. Glass is not mandatory in NH, plexi is OK
  18. Grasshopper

    Grasshopper Member

    Awesome info thanks! Can you get me lots of pictures. I've nearly saved all the pics all over the place of Goblins. I plan on the same for the front and keep the rear.

    I was thinking when registering stating that the bumper is hidden in the nose of the front. But don't know if that would be enough. Got the idea from a Exocert build when they guy went to register his.
  19. RichN

    RichN Well-Known Member

    Closer to get a VIN & plates.
    Defroster installed, I put it down next to the floor. I know he said dash, but it gets hot and I don't want to melt the windshield.


    Wipers installed.


    Cat installed.


    Only item left is to install the brake cables.
    I'm going to use the thumb lever from an old 10 speed bicycle front derailer.
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  20. Briann1177

    Briann1177 Well-Known Member

    Looking real good. Can't wait to see the finished wrap, paint, or whatever on the body panels

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