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Discussion in 'DF Kit Car News' started by Austin, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. AleX1/9

    AleX1/9 Well-Known Member

    Yes! Finally some PNW guys.
  2. JERMzSS

    JERMzSS Member

    I can't wait to pick mine up!! It's getting welded up in the rotisserie right now.
  3. Waterdriver

    Waterdriver Active Member

    Any status updates on chassis builds and delivery dates?
    Looking to get started on the build process.
  4. taz_va

    taz_va Member

    Would there be any value in 'hiring' (so to speak, paid, or value given toward a kit, etc), someone in the community to help act as a middle-person for aggregating the information from the builders/management, and the customers? I'm entirely new here.. haven't even put a penny on a kit, but I do sense the undercurrent between the groups. Doesn't seem to be anything malicious at all, I've built cars, I know how things happen and time gets blown on stuff (the new molds, for example).

    I don't know how it's done presently, so keep that in mind what what I say. I do like that there are webcams up, and it seems like the Goblin crew post a lot of pics up when available, which is great.

    What I'm envisioning is a POC the customers can reach out to, who can compile their questions/concerns. The POC interfaces with the Goblin crew to seek answers/information, be given insight to upcoming matters (so as to anticipate needs/information). The crew can still interact with the customers, but this way when the crew is stuck building something and isn't available to answer the door, the POC will always be available.

    Additionally, there should be a resource--either on the forum, or something like an online gallery (facebook, or a website plug in), where confirmed/paid customers would get their own 'gallery'. The POC would ensure up to date pics of the build process are posted in each respective gallery. This way, instead of having random threads with Bob's build and Tom's build, each one after another, it's aggregated to each paid customer, and everyone can see the parallel process being done.

    This information and the pics likely already exist, it probably isn't put together in an organized format like that. Ideally, the POC would be local to the shop, but it is feasible that the POC could operate remotely, since they're relaying information/pics/etc.

    I've seen many a great small-shop situations get backed into the corner and lose momentum when the volume of questions/people start to overwhelm them, I'd hate to see that happen here. Especially if you guys are looking to produce more and more kits, which require more assemblers.
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  5. Brian74

    Brian74 Active Member

    I'm sure different customers may or may not want more info on their build as it happens. One thing I truly like about this company is their transparency. If you haven't read the Grassroots Racing blog about how this car was conceptualized, I urge you to. Have you tried emailing them yet? I have not even purchased the kit yet either, but I have had several long conversations with Adam via email and he has answered every question I've had in great detail and usually within a day. They truly appreciate their customers and I have no doubt Lonnie will mastermind the eventual growth and demand accordingly.
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  6. taz_va

    taz_va Member

    I have total faith in them, it definitely wasn't a critique, more of a suggestion if they hadn't considered it before.
  7. The folks who run this company are awesome. Adam has answered every question I have had. They also have the "experienced builders" answering questions and doing different things to thier kits to take it to a whole other level. I believe that they (Adam and Lonnie) want to keep it close to the end consumer as much as possible. I have an idea that I am going to run by Adam and Lonnie when the time is right and I have built my two kits (not purchased yet due to military obligations). Just my two cents.
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  8. SliderR1

    SliderR1 Well-Known Member

    Austin, Adam, or Lonny - How about an update?
  9. Adam

    Adam Administrator Staff Member

    The biggest thing in recent news is about the CNC machined parts. The machine shop wasn't able to keep up with the parts we needed. It wouldn't be possible for us to go back and forth between the kit car buildings and the machine shop so we moved one of the oldest machines to the kit car buildings. This will allow us to keep it running all the time. Moving a 9,000 pound machine with a fork lift rated at 4,000 pounds was a challenge but we made it.

    It isn't pretty, but it is functional.

    cnc mill in its new home.jpg

    Right now my mom is running the mill:
    mom running parts.jpg

    This is really going to help out because we can load a program, position the vice/fixture, setup the tools and let my mom or Austin go at it or if it is a longer run part, let it run on its own. This means we can let them start catching up on all the backordered Stage 2 parts and upcoming stage 1 parts while my dad and I catch up on frames, fiberglass panels and other non-machined parts.

    The first steps are to finish up the parts the machine shop got part of the way through and to cut blanks on the chop saw to make new parts out of.

    The rod end mounts were machined out in the other shop but the bolt holes were never drilled so we'll be setting up to drill the holes:
    rdendmnt unfinished.jpg

    Some rear strut mounts and steering shaft bearing housings were also partially completed.
    strtmnt-r and strshftbrnghous unfinished.jpg

    This morning my dad cut blanks for the late model brake reservoir adapters (that is what my mom is drilling now in the machine).
    brkresadptr-late blanks.jpg

    He is currently chopping the blanks for the automatic shifter pivot spacers.
    auto shift arm spacers.jpg
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  10. SliderR1

    SliderR1 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the update and pictures!
  11. Matt TT

    Matt TT Member

    Appreciate the update!

    Any estimate on when you guys can get those backorders sent out?
  12. Adam

    Adam Administrator Staff Member

    Here's a rundown of the CNC parts some of you guys have on backorder.
    • brake reservoir adapter, late - They are being tapped now. Will be finished by lunch.
    • rod end mounts - The final holes will be drilled this afternoon.
    • steering shaft mount tube - Being chopped to length now and machined this afternoon.
    • steering arms - We should be starting on the steering arms after the rod end mounts.
    • strut spacers - Will be chopped into blanks and then machined. This might start at the end of this week but will likely be next week.
    • brake reservoir adapter, early - Next week.
    • automatic shifter arm spacers, left and right - Next week.
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  13. Adam

    Adam Administrator Staff Member

    Also, BC Racing says they are waiting on parts to come in for our rear coilovers. They estimate a ship date of 3-4 weeks.
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  14. Silverback

    Silverback Well-Known Member

    Yay, thanks for the update
  15. Matt TT

    Matt TT Member

    So, maybe two-three weeks out for shipping? (Fingers crossed)
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  16. Adam

    Adam Administrator Staff Member

    That's what we are hoping for (except for the coilovers).

    Another update: for those waiting for fender mounts, we are still waiting for the 1/4 inch steel mounting plates to get burned out by the laser shop. As soon as we get those, we can weld the fender mounts together.
  17. RayCecil

    RayCecil Member

    Keep up the nice work guys! It takes a lot of effort to get a business like this going. You guys are working hard and everyone can see that.

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