Wheel Fitment

Hey guys I have been looking into wheels for the goblin and its a bit of a challenge finding the right height/width at 15x110 or 17x110.

I really like the Konig Oversteer, or Control models for the style. Demolition Ranch on Youtube has a great style I believe he is running the oversteer. I am wondering how he did this if the PCD is 18x110 stock. My goal is width ultimately wider in the rear then front. What is the maximum width for this kit? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.



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I'm running 17" 235s in the rear with basically the stock offsets and the coilover kit. 245s should fit no problems, but I'm not so sure on anything larger. You're probably going to run into clearance issues with 18" wheels and a wide tire.
What are your thoughts about these wheels? Stock is 18x110 x 45 backspace. These are 17x110 x 38 backspace will the backspace be an issue? I am thinking of 225x40 or (215x40) in front and 245x40 in back for tires.

17x8 Enkei EDR9 5x105/110 38 Black Paint Wheels Rims Set
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We purchased the wider ones - internal width between the fiberglass is 9-5/8"

Can send a picture tomorrow
That would be great! My rim size is planned to be 17x9 so that is close. I assume the 9 5/8 is the width at the bottom opening not the top? Do you have the top width where it goes more narrow?



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9-5/8 in center and 9-11/16 on the ends.

The 2nd picture is the fender sitting on the tire with the inside edge touching the tire. Leaves ~5/8" of clearance which would translate to roughly 5/16" on each side when mounted properly. Note that these tires are 225/45R17 so YMMV depending on which tire you put on those wheels.


Thanks Bretter that is exact what I was looking for I appreciate it. Looks like at 17/275 I am going to have to cut down the center and add some fiberglass.