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Good Afternoon,
Happy Thanksgiving ....

Just a thought working with that Bradley GT body which the original cars use the windshield out of a 63’ thru 67’ corvette readily available less then $300.00. The frame is nothing more than fiberglass (granted people re enforce them when they use it as a stand-alone without the roof section). Is there a way to use an MG, Super Beetle or ??? And make a similar style fiberglass frame to fit a smaller cheaper laminated glass windshield?

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Happy Thanksgiving to you too Bruce! Good thinking on the windshield! As you alluded to, there must be some readily-available windshields that would adapt well to the Goblin hood shape.


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Good Evening,
Just some pictures of the two different windshield we made up for the two different Goblins.

Refined the initial fillet to just a formed piece of aluminum. Removed the powered wipers (powered ones aren’t technically need for yearly inspection) working on individual manual wipers that can be stored beneath the seats and then slide through the mounting grommets if ever needed.

To Nathans and my dismay the windshield and roll bar that we intended to swap onto his car does not work... ends up the geometry of the two cars are different. So we have the VEE shaped windshield that will stay on his car.

Two biggest concerns, while the vee shape strengthened the windshield a lot still have the problem with people using the windshield frame to get in and out of the car (probably not a big deal but still a concern). And the second, is trying to build a Bimini top for the car the roll cage version is pretty simple the VEE shaped version is going to be a pain.

Currently the height is set for me so about 5’-10”.

The nice thing with the VEE shaped mounting we can raise and lower the height of the windshield to adjust it to different heights for taller drivers we can also change the rake of it for personal preference. Obviously we will need to work with the hood to adjust also.


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I like Bruce's idea of using a C2 corvette windshield, as it has a lot of curvature in a small windshield.

I'm wanting to lay the window down as much as I can, as fast cars have laid back curved windshields, and slow vehicles have vertical flat windshields. The Cobalt has the windshield at 26.6 degrees, which is a lot more than what I could get out of the Goblin.

Here I mocked up a black line to represent the hood line. By stealing 10" of the hood, and turning it into a front dash board, I was able to get the windshield (blue line) to 36.6 degrees. I also ended the window a few inches short of where the halo bar would be. (The orange level represents the halo heighth.)

If I steal more than 10" for the dash, I can get more angle, but then you would have to relocate the master brake reservoir. I stopped at 10" so that the reservoir cap would be under the front hood. The picture makes it look like the reservoir cap is in the dash, but it isn't.

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