Build Budget Estimator

Use this tool to estimate what the final build budget will be for your ideal Goblin.

This includes the kit from DF Kit Car, your donor, powder coat, paint and other supplies.

Kit Type

Select your kit type below:

Note: The Goblin A/T is only available for use with the base automatic Cobalt donor.

Donor Type

Select your ideal donor below:

Note: The donor prices shown below are estimates. You will buy your own donor. It is not included in the Goblin kit.

Frame Details

Select your frame length:

Note: The extended chassis is 4 inches longer and 2 inches taller. If you are shorter than 6'2" you can get the extended chassis to have storage room behind the seats.

Select your cage type:

Note: The city frame is easier to climb in and out of. The Goblin A/T is only available with the track/full cage.

Body and Lights

Select your body panels:

Note: Body panels are optional and can be purchased after your build is finished.

Select your lights:


Select your seats

Note: The donor seats can be reused but they do sit higher and further forward than aftermarket seats. The Corbeau race seat package from DFKC includes two seats, two harnesses and two sets of fixed seat mounts.

Select your wheels and tires:

Note: Some builders reuse the wheels from the donor car and install new tires. However, most guys buy atfermarket wheels and new tires. The prices below are estimates for the average set of wheels and tires.

Select chassis powder coat/paint:

Note: If you pick up your kit in person, we can have it powder coated locally before you come by. The prices shown below are for powder coating at the shop near us but if we ship your kit, you will have to get it coated near you. Prices vary from shop to shop. You can choose to spray paint your chassis to save some money but it is hard to get decent coverage. We recommend powder coating the chassis.

We will discuss powder coating options after you order your kit.

Select other parts powder coat/paint:

Note: Along with the chassis, we can have your floor pan, firewalls, fuel tank and other kit parts powder coated. These pieces can easily be spray painted so if you'd like to save some money, spray paint is a good alternative.

We will discuss powder coating options after you order your kit.

Select body panel paint/wrap:

Note: There are a few options for covering your body panels. The most common option is to have a vinyl wrap shop cover the body panels for you. You can also purchase rolls of vinyl online and wrap the panels yourself.

Estimated Budget

Item Price
Goblin Kit
Original Goblin:
Base Auto Kit:
Standard Length:
City Cage:
Naked Goblin:
No Lights:
Seats From Donor:
Donor Car
Automatic LS or LT:
Donor wheels, new tires:
Spray paint chassis:
Spray paint parts:
Bare panels:
Powertrain fluids
Brake pads:
Brake fluid:
Other items:
Final Build Budget $8,920