DF Goblin

Building the DF Goblin

The process is very simple. You take all of the useful parts off of a Chevrolet Cobalt donor vehicle and combine them with a DF Goblin kit.

Buy a Donor

Single donor required

At the heart of every kit car is a donor car and for the Goblin, the car of choice is the Chevrolet Cobalt.

A worthy donor Cobalt can be found easily and purchased at a low price. Even in its base form, you'll be surprised how quick a Goblin can be with the stock Ecotec.

But if stock isn't exhilarating enough, the aftermarket crowd has you covered. Hop up parts are widely available and easy to install.

What donor vehicle do I need to buy?

Chevrolet Cobalt or Pontiac G5 - No other donor cars are supported.

Where can I buy a donor car?

Online salvage auction sites like Copart.com, Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc or classifieds like Craigslist.org. Base model donors go for $400 to $1,000. SS donors are more expensive.

Strip Donor

Extracting the goods

After getting your donor home, the next step is to remove all of the components that are needed for the Goblin kit.

The engine, transmission, subframe and front suspension are quickly removed as one assembly. Then it is a matter of unbolting accessories and pulling out the wiring.

After stripping the car, you can recover some of your donor cost by selling the doors, fenders, and other components online. Also, the shell of the car can be sold for scrap.

What special tools do I need?

An average set of home mechanics tools can get you through the stripping process.

How hard is it to strip a donor?

It is very easy. Just follow our comprehensive stripping videos and you'll have the donor apart in a weekend or two.

Stage 1

Get the motor running

Now it's time to start building your Goblin. The build progresses in three stages: get the motor running, get the car rolling and finally, finish the car up.

The first step of assembly is the reverse of stripping the donor: install the engine, transmission and subframe. The fuel tank is installed and the wiring is routed through the tunnel.

After you hook up the fuel line and connect the wiring to the control modules, your Goblin is ready for its first start up.

What does the Stage 1 kit include?

The Stage 1 kit comes with everything to get your donor engine installed and running.

How much does Stage 1 cost?

The first stage is $3,500 + a $750 deposit. The deposit needs to be paid when you order to confirm your place in line. The $2,800 varies depending on your frame options. It is due 10 days before the production completion date.

Stage 2

Get the car driving

Now that the engine is running, it is time to get the car to sit on its own four tires.

The suspension consists of control arms and shocks in the front and struts from the donor in the rear. After mounting the brake rotors and calipers, put on the wheels and tires and let your car down.

At this point the car can move under its own power, but please don't try to drive it. For safety's sake, wait until the car is complete.

What does the stage 2 kit include?

The Stage 2 kit comes with everything you need to get your car on its tires and driving around.

How much does Stage 2 cost?

The Stage 2 price starts at $3,700 but can vary quite a bit depending on your donor selection. Manual and SS kits cost more because they require additional kit parts.

Stage 3

Finish it up

The next steps vary depending on the kit you've purchased. If you've bought the Naked Goblin, you've got seats, belts and a few other things to install before you're finished..

If you've purchased one of the other kits, you'll be installing the fiberglass and aluminum body panels at this point.

City Goblin owners will install the street light kit while the Track Goblin owners will be busy with their spoiler, racing seats and harnesses.

What does the stage 3 kit include?

Stage 3 includes optional equipment like body panels, lights and more.

How much does Stage 3 cost?

The Stage 3 price varies depending on the options you select. Check out our order page to price your kit: Customize & Order

Customize and price your kit on our order page.