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    I guess this isn't the car for me.

    I only see one email from you and it was about us buying a donor or donor equipment for you. Sorry for not responding sooner. That is definitely not something we can do. I will try to make that message more prominent on the website in the next update.
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    DF Steering Wheel Kit

    Store links: Steering Wheel Kit Steering Wheel Quick Release Splined Adapter
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    Happy Birthday Adam!

    Thanks everybody! We ended up staying about an hour late waiting for the Spectrum guys to fix the internet (it was down all day yesterday so that's why we were so silent all day). Its fixed now though.
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    Potential to be the most expensive donor ever?

    Imagine using this pristine Cobalt as a donor. Act fast because the auction ends next week: (I don't recommend spending this much on a donor)
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    We made it on Donut media!

    I was super excited to see the Goblin on Donut Media since I've been following them for years (we actually reached out to them in 2019 but never made anything happen). I really liked their Hi Car Low Car series where they built two 350z's side by side, one with expensive aftermarket parts and...
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    Username Change

    Done. Let me know if you need anything else.
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    Zero Mile SAAB F35 Transmissions Available -$650

    We offer the transmissions with and without the LSD. The link Ross provided is good for ordering the transmissions:
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    Price Announcement

    Anybody who has placed their order before January 1 will lock in prices for the rest of their kit, regardless of when they actually request their later stages. We know this means we will be selling parts to you guys at 2019 prices while paying our vendors 2020 prices and we'll lose a little...
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    Price Announcement

    Our goal has always been to make an easy to assemble, affordable kit car. Over the years we've been able to make the kits easier to assemble but to keep up with the rising costs of materials, parts and services, the kits will unfortunately be a little less affordable soon. We will be adjusting...
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    New STICKERS from DFG

    Here you go: You might also want to check out our new t-shirts as well:
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    Who's buying this one?

    Sometimes will show the final price. Here's a direct link to that one (it might take a little while for it to update but sometimes it never does):
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    Lokian's Extended Street Gob in Indiana - 10 LS # 251

    Yours will be done well before March but that was when you said you might be in town for a convention. If you'd like for it to be shipped earlier, just shoot me an email.
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    Mid Engine Cobalt

    I didn't want to hijack this thread but here we are: Our company's roots go back to when we posted our first Goblin prototype build log on a very receptive forum. Before that, it was just an idea between a father and son to Frankenstein a car together by using the leftovers from a Cobalt. If...
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    WTB Intercooler duct kit

    No problem. The item is up now:
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    WTB Intercooler duct kit

    Sorry about that. I'll add it to the online store now to make it easier to purchase.