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Hey BH…. New member here looking for a built GB. I have an owner of your previous SC. Can you tell me anything about it? Is it solid?
Hey I was looking for a hinge for my goblin hood. I saw one of your post that you had pics on and like the set you had. Can you give me a link to where I can purchase the piece you used? Also what did you use to keep hood closed? Thanks
HI, I'm a new Goblin owner and am curious about your experience with the factory fender kit. Your application looks great.

Do you mind commenting on their installation and cost?

Thanks, Chris Julian
Hey Jeff you mentioned about a year ago of having the ecotec valve spring compressor now that the weather is getting colder I am able to install my new springs/retainers. Would you be interested in shipping the tool and I will reimburse and ship back to you I have all of next week off and it should not take that long to replace with that tool.

Thanks man
Hey Andy, I'm getting my frame this week, #345 and I'm from Bethlehem, PA. I'm now in Latitude Margaritaville near Hilton Head. I've got a background in formula car racing and working on cars. I don't know alot about these cars yet, but I'll keep an eye on your posts and chime in if I can help. After all, I'm only two hours away.
It sounds like we are very similar. I grew up in Hershey, PA and also don’t know a lot about cars. Actually, I am Golfing at Golden Bear in the morning. Let’s stay connected!