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Hey there is a couple guys in boise that have goblins and I believe one in CDA.... you are able to license them in Idaho. I'm in cda area and have talked to the dot up here and he didn't think it would be a problem as long as it meets their requirements... ie windshield, wipers, head lights, tail lights etc.
I'm located in Kuna. Give me a shout if you decide to pull the trigger on the build.
Hey bud, would you mind sharing the dfx file for your wing uprights so I have something to start with? This confuses me
This is SAMSMOOTH Coeur d Alene Id Just getting started on my build. How did you get registered in Idaho? Did you have to get "Restricted" plates?
MADISONVILLE!? My Sister and family lived off of Morgan street, down that street from the Piggly Wiggly.(up until last year.) I'll be visiting with her March 3-9, over in Hammond. If you still have your Goblin I would like to see it then!
Do you happen to know any of the Garma's. My BIL Tony, His wife, my sister Thadria, Max, Luca and Isabel?
No, sorry I haven’t met them.
Just curious, Madisonville is not big like NO. We're staying at Sun Outdoors New Orleans Northshore. An RV park at I-12 and LA455, exit 47.
Contacting you directly to offer my help. I have disassembled 4 Cobalts in my research on my project and I have Misc parts hanging about my place. Any piece of a standard Cobalt I likely have lying around. I am in Columbus, GA, but even if you are far away I'll mail ya little stuff.