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Hey I am new to the forum and saw your post for your car for sale. How were you able to sell with a Cert of Origin since it was uncompleted and not titled? I am also in Ohio. You can email me direct at [email protected].
I know this is short notice but we are going over to Port Orchard out by the ferry to see some friends that just came back from AZ and thought we might look you up for a few if you are interested.

Definitely interested! My schedule sucks, available tuesdays and Wednesday’s only
We missed you yesterday but maybe next Tue or Wed I can arrange a meeting with you. The next few weeks are very busy with me work and personal things that I am not going to bore you with over the next few weekends. This week I am working hard to get car ready to go on the road for a three day trip in NE Oregon and deal with some personal family business.
I am currently looking for a donor car. Preferably a turbo but supercharged isnt off the table. Thanks a ton!
If you are planning on modifying the engine a lot, go supercharger. If you are keeping it stock, go turbo. The turbo has direct injection fuel, which has limited support in aftermarket. Port injection of the supercharger has lots of aftermarket, including putting on a big turbo.
Thank you for the input. I actually just scored a whole turbo donor already disassembled from a fellow forum dude! He listed it in the classified section and I had to jump on it!