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I was looking back at some photos of your car. Can you tell me what brand of wheel and what size those are on your car. I am looking for something like that for mine.
Ross, you were helpful in helping me find out what drive I have. Now that I know that it's not an LSD, where can I shop for the correct Quaife kit for my F35 transmission?
Yep I am okay shipping to Canada. Send me your address and I will get it sent out.
Hi Lonnie. I wanted to ask how you like your Falken Azenis RT660s. I was considering running some on my TC.
Indy Lonnie
Indy Lonnie
I’m running Bridgestone RE71Rs. Love them. Got them cheap on sale at Costco.
Indy Lonnie
Indy Lonnie
Most importantly, get your alignment correct. Front Castor-9*, front camber 0.5*. Rear I’m running about 1.2* camber. Tire pressure for me: front - 16, rear - 20. I know the camber seems crazy, but if you run more than that the outside of the tire will never contact the road, even when cornering hard. Castor is for stability.
Looking closer at the tread pattern I see that they are a little different, my bad lol. Thanks for the alignment advise. I'm going to a performance shop where they will mount my new tires and do an alignment. They are doing a full ride height and cornor balancing service and your numbers will definitely give them an idea of what to adjust.
The more I see your build, the more I like the side pods for cooling...

Did you bend the tubes yourself, or did you have someone do them for you?