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Is your Goblin still for sale? I’m out of Atlanta, GA and looking to replace my Porsche 911 track car that got t-boned by a Camaro last year. I can be reached at 770 362 7958. Interested in learning more about the ECU, tunes, fuel it runs, etc. Thanks!
Desert Sasqwatch
Desert Sasqwatch
If you planning a track car, be sure to read thru @Justinreed7 build log. He has built the ultimate track Goblin and would be good to talk to him - he's in the Atlanta area, if I'm not mistaken.
Dave, I have the cheap cure to your car dream, put a cobalt back together with those bits! Bodies are cheap($500-$1200) and I'll help where I can! I am in Greenville, GA. txt me at 678=464=3341 and no! I'm not joking! Look at my project!
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I heard from The Anethstetist(sc) that he personally relieved Dave of his SS "pile". Can't say as I blame Dave. When one tears apart a Factory SS hoping to build something the factory never built, then backing up to build a Cobalt SS out of a base model is somewhat anticlimactic!
Hey Bud how is it going. If you get a few minutes and wouldn't mind, I have a few questions about your automatic. I am getting ready to build car number two here and it will be auto for the wife.
Awesome! Happy to help. Let me know what I can do