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You are in Houston? What part of town?

There are a few of us finished and a few close to done.
Wes... I am interested in your roof rack. Can you give me some more information on it, or a link to where you sourced it. Thanks.
I made a thread a year or two back. It has all the info but basically just cut a standard one down to fit what I wanted. It's a pretty sweet upgrade! Should be easy to find if you search under my name, lmk if you can't find it.
Thanks. I did find it. Love what you did with it and how you mounted it, etc.
Drove the Goblin to work today, now half the office wants me to give them rides on my lunch break
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Desert Sasqwatch
Desert Sasqwatch
Saw that coming! Half the miles on your Goblin will likely be giving out rides during the first year on the road. :D