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    Not Charging Battery

    The diagram that Chad posted is more of a logical diagram than a physical one. There is no direct connection between the alternator and the key switch. The battery light on logic originates in the ECM, and then travels over the low speed GMLAN network to your gauge cluster. Like what others...
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    Jason in Texas - ext. track - 09 SS/TC

    Are you talking about pre-turbo (IAT) or post intercooler (IAT2) temps? I have my intake outside the engine bay too and I still get a 10-15 degree temperature difference between IAT and IAT2.
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    Brake booster vacuum leak
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    Brand New ZZP LSJ Axels Stage 1 for sale

    I care as much about the proper spelling of axle as you probably care in knowing that I have the song Axel F stuck in my head now. Thanks. You probably have it stuck in your head too now. You're welcome.
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    Intercooler piping size

    Which pipe section are you referring to? Intake, turbo-to-intercooler, intercooler-to -throttle body, or all the above? It looks like the stock sizes are 3" for intake, 2.5" for turbo, and 3" for throttle body.
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    Ark's City Goblin (2008 SS/TC donor)

    I was pretty confident that the problem wasn't something directly related to what you did. No wires hooked up wrong, no missing wires, good grounds, etc. Let me stroke your ego here a bit and say this. You're not afraid to ask questions, you have a good understanding of things even though...
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    Map wire pin location

    Awesome. Glad you got it fixed. How did you integrate the old wiring into the new harness which didn't originally come with those wires?
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    CV install. I can't get it in.

    I dont think it matters what side the axles go in. Now if you're talking about the rubber donut thingy, then yeah it goes to passenger side. The donut comes just slips off/on.
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    Map wire pin location

    The ECM X1 connector is the bigger one. 1. Pin 1 Gray ECM X1 Pin 43 2. Pin 2 Light Blue ECM X1 Pin 86 3. Pin 3 Tan ECM X1 Pin 40 4. Pin 4 Purple ECM X1 Pin 66 I looked back and found that you bought a new harness? I hope your new harness has the wires to hook up your sensor.
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    CV install. I can't get it in.

    I've installed exactly two CV axles in my life so take this for what it's worth. I think that if they're hanging up on the retainer clip, then no amount of beating will make them slide in. I had issues too, but I found that rotating the clip and making sure it's centered in the radial...
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    Boost gauge not reading boost

    18 may have been a bit high, but it's definitely more than 12. My MAP pressures get up to ~30 PSI which if you subtract 14.7 PSI that puts it around 15 PSI. Basically twice the amount of air is getting crammed down. Even at Denver's altitude which looks to be about 18% less than sea level, I...
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    Boost gauge not reading boost

    You should have more than 7 PSI. A stock TC puts out around 18.
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    Headlight options...

    Those are also off road lights. If you go through a state inspection I would stick with DOT approved lights.
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    Ark's City Goblin (2008 SS/TC donor)

    When you replace your fuse box, I'd physically lay hands on the ground wire that runs from X1/B12 and see where the other end goes. Maybe you snipped it off? It could also still be a connection issue on the female side of the plug that snaps into the bottom of the fuse box. I had two issues...
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    Ark's City Goblin (2008 SS/TC donor)

    Going back to what Dale had you do. You basically bypassed the internal wiring of the fuse box from the blue circled pin --> fuse box X1/B12 --> ground. As long as pins 1, 2, 4 on the ECM are grounded and the blue circled pin in your fusebox is grounded, it should crank. I thought you...