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    Mountain View, Arkansas Meetup

    Thank you to Lonny, Brenda, Adam, and Austin for the gracious hospitality and good food. It was great to see the familiar faces, the new ones, and the ones I haven't seen in a couple of years. What a great weekend. I can't wait until the next meet. Now, a moment of silence.
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    Mountain View, Arkansas Meetup

    Are there activities planned for Friday? I have a feeling I should have made Thursday my travel day instead. I still plan on being there Friday afternoon.
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    Brett W’s City Goblin – 09 SS Donor #229 v2.0

    If you drive a lot, running 200tw or lower tires will also wear out your bank account. One could easily go through a set of R888's every year. At ~$700 for tires and mount/balance, it adds up. I spent around $2,000 in about 2 years just on tires. Glad to know there will be another orange...
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    Mountain View, Arkansas Meetup

    Looks like I'll have to stay in the ghetto Days Inn. One of the places I called said that they were booked for this particular weekend since last year. This festival must be a gas.
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    For sale. $50. It's just been sitting on a shelf for the past year or so. I've been too lazy too mess with it and I really don't have the desire to figure it out. I would post pictures, but it's still in its original shipping bag.
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    Ark's City Goblin #187 (2008 SS/TC donor)

    When you take it out, floor it and see what the gauge reads. If you're only getting 5-10 PSI pedal to the metal, then you have a problem. As an IT guy, I'm scratching my head on how another IT guy could possibly roll their ankle at work. Do you mean you rolled over it with your chair? :)
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    Ark's City Goblin #187 (2008 SS/TC donor)

    Dumb question, but are you sure you're driving it hard enough? Also, do you have any engine codes? Acceleration is a very subjective term, but I would say that my boost gauge reads 5-10 PSI under what I would consider as "moderate" acceleration. If I completely floor the accelerator at 3,000...
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    Out of State Montana Registration Legal?

    Until the Goblin came around, I would be willing to go out on a pretty long limb and say that the vast majority of the MT registrations were done to avoid taxes. Now that that there are more and more Goblins on the road, I think a new reason of going the MT route has been introduced. I think...
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    Nukers City Goblin - 2009 SS/TC number 2 build

    Everything you're showing and saying just screams to me coil pack or spark plug. I know you've replaced your coil pack a few times. I haven't been following along too much. But going back to what Chad has brought up a few times, have you done anything with your plugs?
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    Nukers City Goblin - 2009 SS/TC number 2 build

    My voltmeter reads between 14.4-14.5V at idle. It's been reading that for almost 3 years and 21k+ miles. I don't think that is a problem. I could be wrong though. Wouldn't be the first time.
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    LNF Oil Leak

    I just happened to notice that oil was leaking down the side of the cylinder head and collecting down by the oil filter. It's nothing major and not enough to even drip on the floor, but I find it to be annoying. After a bit of research, it looks like the leak comes from the camshaft cap which...
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    Anodized Aluminum Colors

    If you anodized the part in clear, will you still be able to see it? I think that would make for a cool steering arm effect.
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    No OBD2, Fuel Gauge, and RPD; No Start... halp

    I would assume that he removed the entire power steering unit. Normally we don't mess with BN/WH and BN wires that come out of the power steering unit and run over to the BCM. So either he removed the entire unit or is making an extra connection with BN/WH and BN wires to the TN/BK and TN...
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    No OBD2, Fuel Gauge, and RPD; No Start... halp

    While I doubt this is your problem as things we working well before, but you removed the 120 Ohm termination resistor when you removed the power steering unit. You essentially created an impedance mismatch which can cause strange things to happen.
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    LNF valve cleaning

    And here is a pro tip if you do go that route. Don't spray it through your brake booster line on your intake manifold. With the port sitting off to the side, most of the spray will go into only two of the cylinders. Instead take your evap solenoid off and use that. It sits exactly in the...