48 Years old. Wife and two kids. My son is 18 and is in to engineering. He was the reason we started this project. My daughter is 14 and loves art and design. We live on 7 acres just outside of town. It's just isolated enough to be able to pee outside during the day but still be able to walk over to the neighbors.

By day I'm a District Service Manager for a copier company. My whole life has been fixing and building things. My wife worked her way up through an electric and nuclear power company. She started in customer service, then up through the ranks including Lineman Supervisor of a full crew, and now she is on a special projects team.

This project is one last big father/son time together before he goes off to college.
Jefferson City, Missouri


#49 City Extended w/easy entry
07 SS/SC - 2.9 pulley, 60# injectors, dual pass endplate, adjustable tensioner, BKRacing coilovers, boost referenced fuel pressure system.

Build Thread Car 1 (retired)

Build Thread Car 2


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