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    Red and white BCM wire

    I'm almost certain my 09 had the same wire. May be a 2.2 thing. I kept it in and made it work with it. didn't affect anything. If there's one thing I wish I could have done, it would be installing the harness, then moulding and taping.
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    Data Wires with No ABS???

    My 09 base model had a slightly different data wire routing than the video. May help:
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    Fuel pump connector

    That's the same wire colors as the base model pump. Also, that connector was a bit tough to find.
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    Jareth’s [Extended\Full-Cage\Easy-Entry] - [2010 LS Donor] - [Frame #290]

    If you got the button panel, you can save the connector from the bottom of the passenger seat to add to the panel.
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    400# springs on the front, #300 springs on the back

    I made this same mistake.
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    Audio Options

    I bought this: Going to see how crappy it is. Price was right. Mounting location may be challenging. I got new clamps but have lost interest because of several factors. I will update this thread when it is installed...
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    Wisconsin Registration

    A quick update on my unique situation. Long story short, my car is a gocart. MT cannot assign a title because they can see that it has been titled in WI; even though the title has been revoked. I have essentially two options. 1. DF sends me a new VIN and MCO. I reached out to them, and...
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    How did you hear or learn about the Goblin

    I read about the Caterham Seven Sprint in Motor Trend or something. That inspired me to build a kit car. Stumbled across the Goblin in the process and ordered my kit 18 months later.
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    Full cage or open cage

    This is true! I went open, but would do track next time. Feels a bit more substantial. Nathan's setup is pretty sweet, which is swaying my opinion.
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    LS 2.2 NA Tuning

    Following. I haven't started dumping in changes, but took a solid look at the tables. I started editing one pulling a bit of fuel and adding a couple degrees of timing. Need to wait for spring here.
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    Wisconsin Registration

    Thanks for the update, I've neglected it. For anyone first looking at WI registration, I had my title pulled after 3 months of being legal. The inspector said round tube frame chassis are not allowed. Square tubing forward of the firewall may work, but I don't have the ambition to try. Maybe...
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    Not for sale anymore.

    It didn't replicate a Lotus Seven close enough. My goblin, and all others I know of in WI are titled as replica Lotus Sevens. The statute is super broad, so the inspectors get to determine what constitutes an appropriate replica. A Caterham Seven is definitely a replica, but to inspector Duane...
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    Not for sale anymore.

    Not sold yet. I actually have an autocross with it in four weeks, so can't be sold until after. To answer your question, it depends on the state. If the state needs everything including donor title, I don't have that. I doubt I'll get it back from Wisconsin DMV. I plan to go Montana route with...
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    Not for sale anymore.

    In hindsight, it probably did draw in the state patrol faster than anticipated....
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    Throttle Sensitivity

    Is there a way to digitally delay the throttle or ignore sudden inputs? The Jeep Wrangler and I'm sure many other cars have this logic. The Jeeps was so pronounced, it was a bit of a learning curve.