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    My current choices Auto or Manual

    Nice bike!
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    Donor bearing hub

    So put the "proper car" in. What does it matter if you put in a car you don't, or no longer have? What they don't know won't hurt you.
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    “Purple wire”

    Call it a gift....
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    Full cage or open cage

    Why is it called "Extended Track" when in fact it is actually "Extended WHEELBASE"?? TRACK is the distance between right and left wheel centerlines
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    Turbo Piping - Pre-Cooler

    Are you doing this for additional cooling, or appearances? Because to be honest, the fins on that size of tube really won't do much cooling, especially over that short of a length.
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    My other project 68 Camaro LS3 Engine Swap

    Build an LS3 out to 427 CID, then technically you would still be putting a 427 back in the Vette. A much cleaner, crisper, more responsive, and economical 427....
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    Front Tie Rod Ends

    Would that be a Radio Flyer?? The waves of nostalgia are a tsunami!
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    Merry Christmas!

    Blessed Christmas to the Goblin Gang!
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    New donor! 09 LNF

    I would NEVER buy a severe front-wrecked front drive car that is intended for use where the entire front mechanicals are to be used. Does that even make sense?? Rear wrecked, OK. Rollover, OK T-boned, OK FRONT WRECKED?? Why??
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    WYGoblin's Extended City Frame Goblin - 08 SS/TC

    Will someone please explain why this is called DIPPING??? It is SPRAYED on. The car isn't hung on a hook and DIPPED. It is sprayed just like paint, the only difference being you can peel it off.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    A blessed Thanksgiving to all here!
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    Introduction Post

    Plate says North Carolina, shifter says automatic..... my super power is observation.... lol
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    Who's buying this one?

    ..... like the plague! Electrics likely FRIED or will in the future