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    First Start, no love.

    When I was building mine, I had a tan data wire break. It would prime the fuel pump but not crank, easiest way to check for that is to rent a code reader from an auto parts store, mine wouldn’t connect to the ECU. The plug by your transmission is for the downstream O2 sensor, as JBINTX and...
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    Jared's Florida Road/Track Build - 06 SS/SC (#230)

    For the turbo cars, you will install a Bosch water pump to circulate water/coolant through the air-to-water intercooler. You shouldn’t need to worry about that since you already have a plug for that pump being an SS/SC. But, it may be a good idea to replace your pump while the engine is out.
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    Got mine weighted today. What does your weight?

    My extended city frame weighed in at 1580, with a half tank of fuel.
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    Air suspension

    As cool as air-ride would be, the street Goblins sit pretty low as is. And airing down the suspension to race an A/ you want to swap tires and adjust the alignment as well just to race? It’d definitely look cool as hell seeing one flat on the ground in a parking lot......but these cars...
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    Florida Title

    GOB-83 The personalized license plate request form I had filled out wednesday night it would be between 6-8 weeks.
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    Florida Title

    Yeah, Oldchevyguy’s post about us being screwed had me worried, but all evidence says his point of contact may have given him some incorrect info.
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    Florida Title

    Success! Was able to get my Goblin registered and titled today. Didn’t run into any major issues, and the only issues that came up were minor technical difficulties with their computer system. I just gotta make a plate to secure my temp tag to while I wait for my personalized plate.
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    Which Uhaul for picking up kit?

    Now Karter’s got me thinking about how many I could fit in my 20’ trailer. Lol
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    Rear wing recommendations

    NRG says 29 at NRG wing is 32 inches between the mounts, and is going to need new uprights. Granted it is a 69 inch wing. (In response to NRG tellng MisterDave the mount width, not knocking him or NRG, I love my wing)
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    Which Uhaul for picking up kit?

    I can confirm, a 6’ x 12’ trailer is perfect for picking up the kit.
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    Florida Title

    Just bumping this thread to let anybody following know that I haven’t forgotten ya’ll. I got my paperwork back on the 7th, but my local tax office didn’t have any openings until the 21st. This waiting is so hard :D. But after the compliance inspection, I took it by my workcenter on Eglin and let...
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    What's the mileage on your build?

    A whopping 20 miles right now. Thanks to the Rona and my shift schedule from March to July (10 hour shifts of nights, alternating weeks on/off), my sleep was trash and I had lost interest in her for a bit. But, now I’m waiting for my appointment (on Aug 21st) with the dmv/tax office to finalize...
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    Off the ranch goblin is for sale!! 25k obo

    So, hypothetically, let’s say my questions were for an interested party. The seller’s inability or flat out refusal to answer simple questions, would have sent them running....away. The continuous referral back to old videos, while a valuable indicator of the car’s origins....lends absolutely...
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    Had a accident tonight.....need help

    Gates Safety Stripe Hose is what’s used for the pulled through section in the frame. I have a coil of it in my garage that’s about 12’ long if Napa can’t hook you up.
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    Off the ranch goblin is for sale!! 25k obo

    Evidently that’s all in the videos.