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    Ross's extended city, easy entry Goblin- 06 SS/SC, NW Arkansas

    Do both front tire wheel hop? Do the wheel hop equally? Is the wheel hopping timed from left tire to right tire causing the steering wheel to shake left to right or do you feel the hopping is independent of the other tire? Have you tried a new set of brake rotors? If you push and pull on...
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    Houston SCCA Autocross

    It looks like your rear outside tire is only planting the outside edge. You may be able to give up a little straight line forward bite for more rear grip through turns and better drive-off by adding a couple of degrees of negative camber. It may also be beneficial to add a degree of negative...
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    Side panel attachment points.

    If it is like rivets there are riv-nuts with longer and shorter reach.
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    Nukers City Goblin - 2009 SS/TC number 2 build

    Is the crank trigger hooked up?
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    Bajakid1450’s ss 2.4sc street goblin build

    Tie wet is a silicone base lube and is about ten times slicker than tire shine which I think is soapy waster.
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    Bajakid1450’s ss 2.4sc street goblin build

    Post an image of the tire wet bottle so I can see the brand.
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    F23 shifter bracket

    Did you remove the lock wire?
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    DF Steering Wheel Kit

    Prices are subject to change but here we go..... Individual parts. Steering wheel $105 Quick-release $35 Hub adaptor $50 As a three-piece kit $175 Adam said he will add it to the store. Also, if you have not received your Goblin kit from us email [email protected] and let...
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    DF Steering Wheel Kit

    We received our new racing D-shaped steering wheel kits. They are 6-bolt - black suede. They still need to be priced out but I thought I would share some images. The kit comes with the steering wheel, quick disconnect, 6 bolt anodized spline adaptor, and hardware. Store links: Steering Wheel...
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    The drl is a circuit that uses a length of wire as a resistor and comes on when the ambient light sensor thinks it is daytime. The ambient light sensor switches between the drl head light circuit and the full power headlight circuit. The brown wire is a separate circuit that comes on with park...
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    Ready to start, but. . .

    Post an image of the body harness to engine harness connector. I think it will have 16 pins and will be located in the area between the fuse box and cylinder head above the transmission.
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    Bajakid1450’s ss 2.4sc street goblin build

    That is a whole lot of broken toy.
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    SmsDetroit Extended Track Goblin 09 Turbo SS

    The plastic elbows should be installed with Teflon tape or some sort of sealer. When installing the brass fittings into the aluminum brake adaptors you should use some red Loctite as a sealant. Not on the brake lines or hoses.
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    Something missing on transmission?

    Some came with a sheet metal cover over that area and some don't. Just make sure while driving you don't accidentally stick your finger in there. ;)
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    SmsDetroit Extended Track Goblin 09 Turbo SS

    You will need to tighten them very tight, put a wrench on the hose and a tubing nut wrench on the tube nut and tighten very tight. If it still leaks back the tube nut off and retighten. If it still leaks tighten it some more. Repeat these steps until it stops leaking. Make sure you dry...