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    Master Cylinder Relocation Lines

    Mine was hard plastic. Jeff upgraded his lines with AN lines from Vibrant.
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    Master Cylinder Relocation Lines

    My kit came with new lines at the master cylinder. I did use Cobalt lines on the brake calipers.
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    Karl's Track Goblin No. 40 - 2008 LT ***REGISTERED***

    Wasn't long ago I notched my seat belt bar. A lot cheaper than a tube bender. Welded it in Mounted the seatbelts
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    Fozda made too much power. Justin Reed ran 585hp for ~4 years before it was too much power... put a window in the side of the block. Now he is running 607whp/517wtq @31psi. Probably enough horsepower, but not sure if he would say it is too much.
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    Donor with Aftermarket Supercharger

    Pictures would help. The stock supercharger fits on my 2.0L engine... Do you have the 2.2L engine? The ZZP kits are designed to fit under the hood of a Cobalt, so you probably are fine in a Goblin.
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    Devo's Extended Track #381 - 06 SS/SC Donor

    A bit of heat, propane torch or heat gun. Penetrating oil. Vise, and a big hammer. Repeat. If that fails, buy a new one... there not that expensive.
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    Dragon Motorsports 2.0 [Extended\Open-Frame\Easy Entry Door Bars] - [2007 LSJ SS Donor] - [Frame #392]

    I'm on 275mm tires on 17x10.5" wheels. I'm going to get a little over a year out of these tires, so probably under 5000 miles, but sooo many smiles, lots of excessive force, and just stupid donuts with grinning passengers. Goblin on!
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    Dragon Motorsports 2.0 [Extended\Open-Frame\Easy Entry Door Bars] - [2007 LSJ SS Donor] - [Frame #392]

    Race and Autocross for cars weighing 2X our cars. I daily my Goblin on R888Rs, on the street, highway, everywhere. Yes they do wear out quicker, but my Goblin isn't getting lots of miles. More like my motorbikes, which also get pretty short tire life. I just want to keep my car out of the...
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    Quickest build?

    Frame arrived Jan 28th 2019, Goblin was running June 29th. 5 months, but it was cold in the shop in winter, so I only worked on the car about once a week. Once the warmth of spring arrived, I started working on it more and more. My strategy is to get the car driving, learn and debug my build...
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    Dragon Motorsports 2.0 [Extended\Open-Frame\Easy Entry Door Bars] - [2007 LSJ SS Donor] - [Frame #392]

    I use the R888R as my street tires, switch over to Hoosier A7 tires for autocross. But you can autocross on the R888R tires... just a little slower tires, and they will last longer.
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    Dragon Motorsports 2.0 [Extended\Open-Frame\Easy Entry Door Bars] - [2007 LSJ SS Donor] - [Frame #392]

    Well yes, they will fit a goblin, but the tires you get back will be designed to fit within the wheel wells of a Cobalt, and for a car that weighs twice what a Goblin does. That is the problem with reading tire reviews... How it performs on a 2X heavier car is useless information for us...
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    Dragon Motorsports 2.0 [Extended\Open-Frame\Easy Entry Door Bars] - [2007 LSJ SS Donor] - [Frame #392]

    Fitment industries web site doesn't really work for a Goblin. They want to know your vehicle before they show you any wheels. It won't let you enter a DF Goblin, and won't let me proceed to their products. Ug. Google is better. Here is a tire option that will help keep your Goblin on the road.
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    It's very loud

    Just get a different muffler? There are many for sale online.
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    RCK605's Track Goblin #438 - 05 SS/SC

    If you run that OTTP Fuel Rail Fitting (LSJ), then it goes in place of your stock pulse dampener. So by putting fuel into both sides of the fuel rail, you might be creating a problem by eliminating the dampener. Unless you are also going to replace it with an aftermarket one... but wouldn't it...
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    r3drckt - extended track - 06 SS/SC G85

    I wonder if your seals in the laminova tubes is compromized. It would cause more air thru the intercooler coolant, and could lead to white exhaust. The head gasket is the only other place that I can think of to get water in the exhaust.