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    Bill's Street/Track Goblin - 2007 SS/SC - Chassis #204

    After not being able to find a suitable solution for a wheel hub dust cover for my front hubs, I decided to fashion my own. It's amazing what you can do with a 12oz red bull can and some aluminum tape. I plan on using some silicone or adhesive to secure it in place. Now I'm just waiting for...
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    Transmission drain plug washer

    I was getting ready to refill my transmission fluid and the washer on the drain plug is shot and the fill plug doesn't even have a washer on it. I couldn't find one that truly fit so I ended up boring out a copper washer which I haven't put on yet. Anyone else have any experience or thoughts...
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    Texas anti-wang club meet

    Bah! I forgot that was today. College football distracted me. Looks like it was a good time.
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    Tie rod ends

    I didn't see this specific question addressed anywhere so I wanted to ask it:. Do I put the tie rod ends from the steering rack onto the back and the ones supplied by DF on the front? If it's posted somewhere, I couldn't find it.
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    Fozda's Track Goblin - 06 SS/SC

    I did the exact same thing. Now it works exactly as it should . . . Go figure.
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    Discuss the first stage instructions

    I don't know . . . Something about Lonny's voice is soothing. :p
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    Bill's Street/Track Goblin - 2007 SS/SC - Chassis #204

    It's a bit late, but I couldn't help but share my first start video.
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    Bill's Street/Track Goblin - 2007 SS/SC - Chassis #204

    Stage 1 complete! I ran new fuel lines, but not without drama. I told the guy at the parts store I wanted 6' of 3/8" fuel line and even pointed it out to him. I didn't realize until 10pm that night he had given me 5/16" fuel line. I made it work, we'll just say some vaseline was involved...
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    SC intercooler

    That is some good stuff right there. Found some at o'reilly's. No leaks so far. :)
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    SC intercooler

    I've already done the main radiator twice, so I guess I can say I've touched both cooling systems twice. :D Otherwise, any thoughts on the hose routing?
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    SC intercooler

    I was looking for the connections on both ends of the tunnel. I did use teflon tape on the threads of the connectors going into the small radiator. Maybe I didn't use enough.
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    SC intercooler

    Does anyone have any pictures they can share of their intercooler install with the intercooler in the front? I've got it installed but everything in the front and back seems very tight. Then I installed the subframe and it got even tighter. Also, both my fittings to the front small radiator...
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    Rttoys’s track- ‘06 ss/sc #184

    Going from fuel pump to fuel filter, how did you go about cutting the fuel lines away from the connectors? It looks like you kept the original connectors. Just real slowly with a knife? I'm trying to mount the fuel filter and it simply isn't cooperating.
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    Bill's Street/Track Goblin - 2007 SS/SC - Chassis #204

    I got 5.0L out of the car manual. Upon closer inspection, i have a manual for a 2009 (my donor was a 2007). seems to indicate the the capacity for a 2007 LSJ is 6.0 qts. Wow. The 2007 manual also says 6 qts...
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    Bill's Street/Track Goblin - 2007 SS/SC - Chassis #204

    Thanks Ross. Much appreciated. I've verified that I have a connection between the OBD connector and the ECM and also verified each connection along the way. Also have verified grounds on the OBD connector. No power steering warning unless I unplug the connector from the power steering unit...