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    15” Turbo hubs/brakes?

    full specs in the wheel and tire thread... Front Wheel - Size / Offset / Bolt Pattern:15x8 / +36 / 4x100 Rear Wheel - Size / Offset / Bolt Pattern: 17x9 / +45 (need spacer) / 4x100
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    Intercooler NACA cutouts

    I didnt see the template in my box either. I used some easy to clean finger paint on the outer lip face of the NACA duct and pushed it against some cardboard. then I cut out the middle carefully and did a couple of trial fits with the duct in the cardboard. finally traced the inside of the...
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    Solid mounts issue?

    No issues here either with the SC.
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    Wombat's Track Goblin - 2007 SS SC

    I'm going to test it with the 2 in series. Although some have suggested an upgraded pump, my plan is to test and make adjustments if necessary. Pump to 1st HE (horizontal mount in DF location behind radiator using the NACA ducts), then up to the HE mounted in front of the radiator and finally...
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    Texas Revoking Titles (and how you can help)

    Hope everything goes well!
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    Wombat's Track Goblin - 2007 SS SC

    The tabs on the HE I got from the Atom set better against the bottom lip of the radiator positioned that way. It was a little more "secure" for a temp mount. The hoses are squeezed though and I am going to be repositioning soon.
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    Wombat's Track Goblin - 2007 SS SC

    That was a temporary mount so I could get the car registered and test everything. Just did get the NACA ducts installed. I have 2 small HE. One will be behind the radiator fed through NACA. I am going to test the other in front, but it will be repositioned and I am going to fabricate a better...
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    Jsix xtd. track 09 SS/TC donor

    Looks great and welcome!
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    Wombat's Track Goblin - 2007 SS SC

    Well my first wrap was not exactly smooth, but it looks better than the scuffed fiber glass hood. It is definitely imperfect, but I spent about 10% of the quote I got to paint. I may switch the color eventually, so Im happy enough. Lessons: Watch a lot of videos if you have not wrapped...
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    Fuel Surge Tank

    Appreciate the responses. I'll probably take a wait and see approach, but generally agree on Keep It Simple and the lack of space. The hydromat is an interesting idea. Thanks
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    Howdy from Colorado!

    Welcome. Looking forward to your build and good luck with the donor search. You will have a blast
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    Fuel Surge Tank

    Since I will be running out of fuel soon with e85 + TVS I am thinking about how to best adapt the fuel system. I wanted to get opinions on a fuel surge tank with an additional pump instead of upgrading the pump in the main gas tank. I will be changing injectors and running a return style...
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    Tires and Wheels List Updated on 3/25/2020

    Goblin Builder: Wombat Chassis Number: 20 Frame Type / Color: track / kawasaki green Donor Year / Engine: 2007 SS SC Wheel Make / Model: 6UL Front Wheel - Size / Offset / Bolt Pattern:15x8 / +36 / 4x100 Rear Wheel - Size / Offset / Bolt Pattern: 17x9 / +45 (need spacer) / 4x100 Wheel Weight in...
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    15” Turbo hubs/brakes?

    I have a SC 07, but just put on the 6UL 15x8 wheels in front. They have about 1/2 inch of clearance. And they are under 12lbs. The 16s that i took off were even closer to the housing.
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    Wombat's Track Goblin - 2007 SS SC

    It took forever to find a sample that was close enough to the kawasaki green frame. Got the stripes from house of grafx and the flat black is vvivid vinyl 5x25 sheet i think it should be enough for hood, sides, engine cover and install error.