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    Anks329 - Extended City - '07 LS - #190

    @Anks329 you can check electrical aspect (throttle response and cranking) even without gas and coolant.
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    Ark's City Goblin (2008 SS/TC donor)

    Non calibrated brake affects stop lights behavior but not crank. I was able to start the engine with brake pedal position sensor reporting out of range value.
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    Ark's City Goblin (2008 SS/TC donor)

    You did it! Congrats, it was long trip!
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    Yustas's City Goblin #159 - 08 LS donor

    Thanks! Just want to clarify. It was in 2019.
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    Yustas's City Goblin #159 - 08 LS donor

    More pictures of the stripping process: Surprisingly heavy dashboard Engine removed
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    Yustas's City Goblin #159 - 08 LS donor

    Externally engine was clean. Quick examination showed: - generator - to replace - serpentine belt was jammed between generator pulley and longeron - hole in plastic intake - small leak from valve cover After some quick fixes and metal surgery - engine started up right away! And I did small ride...
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    Yustas's City Goblin #159 - 08 LS donor

    Time to start my build log. I'm active reader, not writer, but I will try.. I found DF Kit Car from Goonzquad channel and from video of IDRVSLO's car walk around by some chinese guy. So I decided to build one, mainly for back county riding with occasional track days. In December 2018, I started...
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    PNW Goblin Meet Saturday June 20th

    This weekend we go to Mt. St. Helens. Pass. BTW, how many people are OK with this date? Should we work out better date? Will post #159 photos ))
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    Coolant hose alternative

    Nice foot area heater!)) Does heat "climb" up to middle bar or to the top/entry bar? How hot they get after long run?
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    Ark's City Goblin (2008 SS/TC donor)

    My understanding is: this hole is for pressure release purposes. It goes through reservoir and connects to the pressure release channel under the cap. I had some leak from this hole. Was fixed by coolant reservoir cap replacement.
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    PNW Goblin Meet Saturday June 20th

    I'm for it!! (if not rainy) It is 1 hour driving from Redmond to me. Hoping final place will be closer to Seattle/Renton))
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    Airbag, Seatbelt & Tire Pressure Light Eliminator + Bonus Feature(s)

    Nice work!! Are you going to opensource your firmware or may be reverse engineered specs?
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    Brad's City Goblin - 10 SS/TC Donor, NY Build

    Hi Brad. What software do you use to listen data bus? And where I can find specs for the data? Thanks.
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    Odd Brake Light / Turn Signal Behavior

    jirwin, if one of brake pedal position sensor or BCM are not from the same donor - then BPP relearn requires. If both of them are from original donor - then the issue is BPP sensor misplacement. If you release screw - sensor has some play around anchor point, try to fix sensor in either full...