1. jirwin

    LE5 2.4 Cams in LAP 2.2

    Alright this has bugged me long enough. I thought I could enlist the help of the forum to see what you all think. There's a lot of smart people on here, so maybe we can figure it out together. The question I'm looking to answer is: Can you use LE5 cams (and performance cams) in the LAP...
  2. R

    2.4L Naturally Aspirated to TurboCharged

    I'm slowly putting everything together. I managed to get the 2.4L Ecotec donor prepped and now I'm just rebuilding the motor with some upgraded parts (cams, coils, spark plugs, turbo charger). Having said that I'm kinda stuck. So my plan is to turbocharge the 2.4L motor that was originally...