ARP Fasteners, Lube or Loctite


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I ordered flywheel bolts to continue with the F40 assembly from ARP, part #209-2801 and they come with assembly lube. The original bolts pulled from the F35 bolts have blue thread locker on them.
I've read on the interwebs...
1. Use lube on threads.
2. Use red loctite on threads and a dab of lube under the head of the bolts.
*-under the head of the boltd is listed as true as per the ARP website.
3. Use red loctite, primer for the loctite and no lube at all.
*-Again, per the ARP faq webpage, thread locker is usable, but not red.
"Can I use Loctite or any thread locker instead of ARP Ultra-Torque assembly lube?
Yes, you can. Some engine builders use blue Loctite on the stud end that goes into the block. Do NOT use Loctite on the nuts for the head studs or main studs. Always ensure that the threads are clean prior to applying any lube. When using Loctite, make sure you assemble the parts before the Loctite cures. You can use Loctite instead of ARP Ultra-Torque, but do not use them together."

I think I answered all of my own questions.
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I ordered the ARP 209-2801 for my LSJ/F35 with a stock flywheel. I had to modify them on my lathe to get them to fit. Not sure if the F40 will have this issue.


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I thought I responded to this already, but I must've deleted the response before hitting post. I contacted OTTP and they said that they in fact are two different kind of bolts between the F35 and F40 flywheels (see below picture for basics). I was told by OTTP that they buy the F40 ARP flywheel bolts in bulk directly from ARP and therefor do not have a part number. I purchased a set and this is what they look like.

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