Bajakid1450’s ss 2.4 turbo track goblin build


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Not sure yet I was only there for a few minutes but it's totally more than 2.5x the power the NA 2.4l was I wrecked my truck the day I was supposed to go pick it up after work so there is the down side now I gotta find a friend to drop me off after work to pick it up and drive it home in this freezing weather


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Oh boy! Have you bitten off a chunk there! I'm doing an engine swap in an 06 Cobalt, from front to back! Post about your VW Squarebody in other builds. (Growing up a good buddy has a Squarebody fast back, he got NO respect! Certainly a "character building" experience!) I'll help any way I can!:cool:
Too bad Greenville, SC is He77 and Gone from Greenville, GA.