Brian's City Goblin-06/Crate MotorTC #61


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Stuff like this… center console, CHMSL/dome light/rear view camera, air filter housing, various mounts & clamps… Heavy stuff I originally designed out of metal will be 3D printed out of lightweight polymer instead, finally on a printer big enough to print it.
Also makes me more confident to go straight to powdercoat soon as no welded mounting tabs will be needed.



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Now that's a pretty machine. Looking forward to the parts you make off it! I'm just getting my first printer after years of watching them get better and better. Now don't even know where to start!


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1st printer is done. It took me a few weeks to get the settings dialed in, but it is printing AMAZING in tolerance and multi material. I took a proven design and modified it to my liking using custom designed parts. I also solved a few design problems along the way and implemented designs of a few others.

End result; it performs exactly as I hoped.

I have 2 more printers left to build.

I never had any idea all this **** was gonna derail my Goblin build this far. Or consume my spare time to this extent… Then again… before I started this build, I’d never welded, bent sheet metal, knew **** about CAD, or 3D printing.