Dash not coming out

Hello everyone,

We have been trying to pry the dash out like how DF has done it in there video and we really haven't had much luck with it. We have gone around the perimeter of the brake booster where you can pry away the dash and we have used a lot of force to try to get it out. Any recommendations and did anyone else have this issue?

Desert Sasqwatch

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You didn't get all of the bolts out if it won't budge using a pry bar. It's been a while but there are several that are well hidden and difficult to reach.
I'd agree with Sasqwatch, verify you have all 7 of the firewall bolts and all the A-pillar bolts removed, a couple are pretty well hidden and it would only take one to cause you some grief. Re-watching the teardown video can help you find the ones you may have missed.


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Mine did the exact same thing and it was one small, hidden nut holding it all in. Silly thing would not budge until they all were removed!


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I definitely put duct tape over the windshield and hammered a 3/8" extension through the windshield to gain access to those tough-to-get-at bolts. Tape keeps the shards to a minimum. Just a thought.