Galveston, Again?


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A shout out to the North Houston gang. I will again be in Galveston for about a month or so, after Christmas. A get together at the beach this coming New Year? I'm still promising a Sonic single(cheese is extra) and two(2)! bottles of water to all goblin owners showing up in their Goblin!(basic bribes will vary depending on attendance, I don't have the budget to feed an invasion!) ALSO! If there is a get together up where y'all are, give me some notice so maybe I can attend! There was something last year in The Woodlands? I would appreciate anyone keeping me in the loop on local Houston Car events in December and January.


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It might be a bit chili that time of year, but we will see. Autocross is always the first Sunday of the month. That is usually your best bet to catch us and ride passenger