GOTW - 2-2-24 #316 Shannon Coleman


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This week's Goblin of the Week was built by Shannon Coleman in NC but recently changed hands to a new owner in SC. The car looks great and I'm sure the new owner is going to enjoy it.


What is your name?
Shannon Coleman

Where are you located?
near Jacksonville, NC

What is your forum screen name?

Build log on forum:
Escapepilot’s 06 SS/SC Ext Track Build - COMPLETED

What is your chassis number?

When did you buy your Goblin?


Tell us a little about yourself.
I'm an Assistant Chief Pilot for North Carolina Forest Service. I fly an AT-802F single engine air tanker for wildfire suppression. Moved to NC in 2005 chasing a woman. Finally convinced her to marry me in 2014. We have a 9 yr old boy that I'm trying to get involved in hands on stuff when I can pry him away from Fortnite and soccer. I also have a 21 yr old step son and a 31 yr old daughter.

How did you become interested in cars?
Can't remember a time I wasn't interested in cars or motorcycles.

What drew you to the Goblin?
I wanted to build a car. I didn't want a rust bucket project, so I looked at some kits. I love the Factory Five Truck and Hot Rod but realized that the kit was only half the cost and I couldn't commit to a $50K toy. I wanted something I could take to car shows and cruise ins with my 9 year old. I saw the Goblin on YouTube first and started looking into it more. I liked that it wouldn't need a lot of body work to make it nice since painting isn't something I want to learn. It seemed well thought out, fun, and was reasonably priced. The publicity it had received was all positive. I really wanted to build something with a 6-71 supercharged engine, but the supercharged LSJ option convinced me the Goblin was the perfect choice.

How does the Goblin fit into your lifestyle? (daily driver, weekend warrior, both)
Weekend Warrior

Tell us about your build. (who did you build it with? where did you build it?)
I had a tiny bit of help from my then 7 year old son (in between his playing Minecraft and watching YouTube Kids). The rest of the build was solo with lots of help from the forum. When my wife and I decided to move across town in 2019 and build a house, one of my requirements was a large detached garage. That is where the pile of parts Stewart Trucking dropped off in August of 2021 was transformed into what I had envisioned. There were some bumps along the way - mostly work being busier than normal for an extended time - but there wasn't any real head scratching issues until later when the BCM failed. First start was a year later in Aug of 2022. The NC title arrived just before Christmas 2022.






What, if anything, have you modified on your Goblin that sets it apart from others?
Tinted acrylic roof is the biggest change. I built my own rear wing supports to place the wing a little lower and slightly rearward. I changed how the radiator hoses route to the engine. I chose a tail light that doesn't have a built in back up light so I used small rock lights mounted on the subframe.




Is there a particular aspect of the Goblin—be it the design, performance, or community—that you appreciate the most?
The design and performance are great but the forum is incredible. 99% extremely helpful people.

Finally, do you have any future plans for your Goblin—any upcoming modifications, trips, or events?
Now that I've finally added the wing I've had sitting on the shelf since 2022, I don't have a lot planned. Taking my son to events with it hasn't worked out too well (he says it's too loud) so I found car #2 which he loves. The Goblin is on the market and the sale is pending so project #2 will pick up momentum (there is a post on the forum in the Other Builds section).

** Note: #316 went to a new home just a couple of weeks ago! @Dbcooper1951

** Note 2: Here's a link to the forum thread about escapepilot's new project: 1957 Chevy Bel Air Sedan


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Love this car, if only for the wheel choice. I'm a sucker for Mustang wheels, what can I say!


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I really like the dark blue frame and brown seat combination. They really pop against each other.

Super clean build.


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I am the new owner and the car is truly amazing! Shannon was and continues to be great to work with. Tagged and titled is SC to the tune of $800. Only two short drives so far. These things take a little getting used to but the experience takes me back to me Kart racing days. I live in Latitude Margaritaville (Jimmy RIP) and this is the second Goblin in da hood. Stephen Riccaboni had his Goblin on display at our car club show and that's when I was bitten by the Goblin bug. Really wanted to build one but due to space and equipment limitations didn't make sense. "The weather is here" so looking forward to more rides.


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Great build. I see it has the 3" exhaust, which is genuinely deafening on mine as well. Ask DF for the 2" exhaust for a much more pleasant experience!


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Great build. I see it has the 3" exhaust, which is genuinely deafening on mine as well. Ask DF for the 2" exhaust for a much more pleasant experience!
At the time I ordered it, I believe it was spec'd at 2.5 inch for the LSJ exhaust but I never really looked at it closely.