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Why would someone want to relocate the brake fluid reservoir? I put mine in recently and was wondering if I need to move it now
Just two reasons:
Some are doing custom body work that would interfere with it.
Some are changing to aftermarket brake setups and moving the components.


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No reason to relocate unless of course you have a reason to relocate. Sounds like you don't have a reason. Assuming you have it located as intended by DF in the pictures above.
I had it at the end of the brake booster, I went off the OG videos by DF on youtube. I gotta move it lol


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Does anyone have photos available of how to properly route brake lines, harness, coolant lines through the tunnel? i.e. - Which side of the divider, and how to properly layer? This is not covered well in the DF build videos...

Thank you!!


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I only have old photos before my coolant pex was installed.

I just buttoned up my tunnel cover but;
  • I have brake & clutch lines on the passenger side
  • Passenger side coolant on passenger side
  • Driver side coolant on driver side
  • Harness on passenger side
  • Battery cable on driver side
  • Vacuum line on drivers side
I kind of just got it in there and moved it around a little to keep it as flat as possible to leave room for the transmission cables.


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This is the best I got. I don’t think there’s a real right to wrong to it. the intercooler lines go on one side and the rest on the other.