High IAT2 temps and KR


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My 2.8 pulley'd SC is also regularly in the 130's, but that's what it ran in the cobalt also, which had a ZZP HE. Even after I added dual-pass and intake spacer when building the goblin. Never have any KR or noticed any issues. This is with the HE fan, no ducts.


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Some had added a pusher fan on the EC rad with the naca duct. This should get you good flow at all times.


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How long had you been cruising around to get 134 degrees? To me cruising would be no boost and therefore no real heat generated by boost.
I'd say maybe 5 to 10 minutes before I hit the 130+ temps. It seemed to track almost perfectly with coolant temperature, just about 50 degrees lower, which lead to my theory that it was getting heat from the radiator. I was never in boost at all. Vacuum pretty much the whole time.

I've seen numbers of 150 thrown out as starting to be a point of concern, but never anything to back that up. Are you doing a log when you saw these temps and are you monitoring knock?
No log, just me eye-balling my aeroforce gauge. Same thing for knock...the gauge was showing about 3 deg KR, and it didn't seem to change as the temperatures did. I'm not sure how big the sample size needs to be before KR updates.


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The intake manifold puts quite a bit of heat into the coolant loop. I'm surprised how warm mine stays even on cooler days.

I haven't watched IATs real close, but I have only seen 1 degree of KR once. It's tuned pretty conservatively since it's an LAP.